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Shopping for Food

Unit 6 Vocabulary

Pijaca Market
Prodavnica Store
Samoposluga Super Market
Mesara Butcher
Pekara Baker
Poslanstičarnica Desert
Mlečni proiyvodi dairy products
Melko milk
sir cheese
kačkavalj hard cheese
jogurt drinking yogurt
kisela Pavlaka sour cream
slatka pavlaka sweet cream
kiselo mleko sour yogurt
Puter butter
Maslac butter
Pecivo pastry
kifla roll
višnjama cherries
slatkiši sweets
svinjetina pork
jagnjetina lamb
teletina veal
juetina young beef
govedina beef
piletina chicken
viršle hot dogs
slanina bacon
pršuta smoked ham
ulje oil
maslinovo olive
suncokretovo sunflower
sriće vinegar
Brašno flour
pirinač ricce
so salt
biper pepper
začin spice
margarin margarine
džem odd jam
smokve figs
slatko of fruit preserve
keks biscuits
pečurke mushrooms
riba fish
jaja eggs
Created by: CRCONLEY
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