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test 4

Nucleic acids are composed of a chain of Nucleotides containing: a. Sugars b. Bases c. Phosphate groups
15-23:Ribose is the sugar in: a. DNA b. RNA c. RFLP d. Cofactors RNA
15-24:The Double Helix refers to the structure of: a. RNA b. DNA c. DNA only during cell division d. RNA during transcription dna
15-28:Which set of bases does not make up a base pair usually found in nucleic acids?: a. Adenine and Thymine b. Cytosine and Guanine c. Uracil and Thymine d. Adenine and Uracil uracil and thymine
15-31:Base pairing is accomplished by: a. Covalent bonds b. Hydrogen bonds c. Ionic bonds d. Phosphate linkages hydrogen bonds
Common table sugar is formally named: a. Glucose b. Lactose c. Maltose d. Sucrose sucrose
Digestion of which compound gives Glucose and Fructose as products?: a. Cellulose b. Lactose c. Maltose d. Sucrose sucrose
Blood sugar is the same as: a. Fructose b. Glucose c. Glycogen d. Sucrose b. GlucoseƁ
Fructose is also known as: a. Dextrose b. Milk sugar c. Fruit sugar d. Table sugar fruit sugar
16-06:Which compound cannot be metabolized by humans?: a. Amylopectin b. Amylose c. Cellulose d. Glycogen c. cellulose
16-07:Animal fats and vegetable oils are: a. Amides b. Ethers c. Esters d. Hydrocarbons c. esters
16-08:The body's principal energy reserves are in the form of: a. Alcohol b. Carbohydrates c. Vitamins d. Fats fats
16-09:Which class of compounds is called the basic building blocks for our bodies?: a. Carbohydrates b. Proteins c. Fats d. Minerals proteins
16-10:Which food source fails to provide adequate amounts of all essential Amino acids?: a. Corn b. Eggs c. Fish d. Milk corn
16-11:A good source of Protein, in terms of quality, is: a. Animals b. Fish c. Eggs all
16-12:Which of the following supplies most energy per gram?: a. Carbohydrates b. Proteins c. Fats d. Vitamins fats
16-13:Which of the following does not provide adequate Protein?: a. Soybean flour b. Red meat c. Fish d. Milk soybeanflour
16-14:Which of the following is a good source of all essential Amino acids?: a. Corn b. Fresh fruit c. Fish d. Gelatin fish
16-15:Corn grains are usually deficient in: a. Starch b. Tryptophan and Lysine c. Methionine d. Calories trytophan and lysine
16-16:One can get complete Protein by eating a combination of whole grain bread and: a. Butter b. Jelly c. Mayonnaise d. Beans beans
Wheat Protein is deficient in: a. Phenylalanine b. Lysine c. Methionine d. Nitrogen lysine
-19:Ions of which metal is not known to be essential to human health?: a. Calcium b. Cobalt c. Lead d. Sodium lead
:Iodide salts are important to the: a. Oxygen transport system of the body b. Function of the Thyroid Gland c. Proper development of bone and teeth d. Fluid balance in cells thyroide gland
Ions of which element are incorporated into the Hemoglobin molecule?: a. Iron b. Iodine c. Calcium d. Phosphorus iron
16-22:Which Vitamin is water soluble?: a. Vitamin A b. Vitamin C c. Vitamin D d. Vitamin K vitamin c
16-23:A "high energy" food is high in: a. Vitamins b. Protein c. Calories d. Fiber calories
16-24:The major ingredient in fruit drinks is: a. Water b. Fruit juices c. Sugar d. Vitamin C water
16-38:By mass, the most abundant element in our bodies is: a. Oxygen b. Nitrogen c. Carbon d. Sodium oxygen
of amounts used, three main food additives include: a. BHT, MSG, and Sodium nitrite b. sugar, salt, and corn syrup c. FD&C Yellow No. 5, Saccharin, and MSG d. salt, pepper, and cinnamon sugar salt and corn syrup
0:Flour having Iron and B Vitamins added is said to be: a. a perfect food b. enriched c. contaminated d. whole grain enriched
16-41:Which substance is used to enhance flavors?: a. BHA b. EDB c. MSG d. PBB msg
16-42:Natural foods my be better than processed foods in that they: c. are always aesthetically more appealing d. may be more nutritious because Vitamins, Minerals, and Fibers are often lost in may be more nutritious, d
16-43:Sodium propionate is added in small amounts to baked goods: a. to prevent fats or oils from turning rancid b. to replace minerals lost in processing c. to retard mold growth d. as an antioxidant to retard mold growth
Sugar is ?: a. rich in vitamins b. rich in minerals c. high in protein dental caries
16-47:Natural Vitamin C differs from synthetic Vitamin C in: a. chemical properties b. physiological properties c. chemical structure d. that it comes from a different source different source
Snapp, Krackel, and Poppy, Inc. comes out with a new corn flake promising 100% o same nutritive value by eating ordinary corn flakes and: a. strawberries b. Sugar c. taking a Protein supplement d. taking a multivitamin tablet taking multivitamin tablet
16-50:Vitamin E is: a. an Antioxidant b. frequently missing from the diet of vegetarians c. approved by medical authorities for the prevention of aging d. approved by medical authorities for treating sterility antioxident
16-51:Sodium nitrite reacts with HCl and amines to form: a. Saccharin b. BHT c. Nitrosamines d. Amphetamines nitrosamines
16-54:Which is not a natural food color?: a. b-carotene b. Beet juice c. Saffron d. FD&C Yellow No. 5 yello no 5
16-55:Which substance has no nutritive value?: a. FD&C Red No. 2 b. Sorbitol c. Sucrose d. Thiamine red no 2
16-57:Aflatoxin-B1, found in moldy peanuts, is: a. an antibiotic b. an anticancer drug c. a B vitamin d. a carcinogen, 10 million times as potent as saccharin carcinogen
16-61:Artificial colors added to foods increase: a. vitamin content b. nutritive value c. protein content d. aesthetic appeal aesthetic appleal
16-62:A major problem with the U.S. food supply is: a. carcinogenic additives b. toxic additives c. inadequate protein d. contamination by rodents, insects, and harmful microorganisms contaimation by rodents insects
16-65:Which of the following is not a fixed form of Nitrogen?: a. N2 b. NH3 c. KNO3 d. H2NCONH2 n2
16-66:As a plant grows, most of its matter comes from: a. fertilizer b. humus in the soil c. clay d. Carbon dioxide and Water carbon dixoide water
67:Elements present in a complete fertilizer include: a. C , H , O b. C , H , N c. Ca , Mg , S d. N , P , K np k
16-74:Which of the following is the most persistent pesticide?: a. Carbaryl b. DDT c. Parathion d. Pyrethrum ddt
16-77:Chlorinated compounds such as DDT, PCB, and Dioxins are concentrated in living organisms because they are: a. fat soluble b. foreign to nature c. volatile d. water soluble fat soluble
16-79:An alternative to use of "chemical" pesticides is: a. use of predators b. sterilization c. juvenile hormones d. all of these all of them
:Salts of long-chain Carboxylic acids are called: a. soaps b. synthetic detergents c. fabric softeners d. bleaches soaps
17-02:Which of these is true of soap?: a. biodegradable soaps increase the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) of water b. soap is an excellent cleanser in soft water c. soap works poorly in hard water d. all of the above are true all are true
Which of these is true of the action of soap in removing dirt?: a. the Hydrocarbon end of soap is soluble in water b. the ionic end is soluble in oils c. one end of soap is soluble in water and the other in oil d. all of the above one end is soluble in water and oil
17-05:Water alone is not as effective as it is with soap because: a. oil and dirt are not soluble in water b. water and oil are both quite polar c. soap is soluble in water and oil at the same time d. all of the above water and oil at the same time
08:Increased interest in cleanliness resulted from discovery of: a. Soap b. Phosphates c. disease-causing microorganisms d. America disease causing micro
17-09:Floating soaps differ from other soaps in that they contain: a. Air b. Oil c. Potassium d. Helium 08:Increased interest in cleanliness resulted from discovery of: a. Soap b. Phosphates c. disease-causing microorganisms d. America air
In acidic solutions, soaps are converted into: a. Bases b. Phenols c. Esters d. Carboxylic acids carboxylic acids
-11:Synthetic ABS detergents replaced soaps in the early 1960s. Their biggest disadvantage was that they: a. failed to work in hard water b. precipitated under acidic conditions c. were not broken down by microorganisms were not broken down
12:Foaming rivers of the early 1960s resulted from: a. synthetic detergents b. an increased population of soap users c. an increased BOD from biodegradable soaps d. the use of NTA syntehtic detergents
13:Most bleaches produce the element: a. Phosphorus b. Nitrogen c. Potassium d. Chlorine chlorine
15:The only active ingredient in most household liquid bleaches is: a. Sodium hydroxide b. Sodium bicarbonate c. Sodium hypochlorite d. Chlorine sodium hypoclorite
17-17:Ions of which element do not cause hard water?: a. Calcium b. Iron c. Magnesium d. Potassium potassium
17-19:Substances which absorb ultraviolet ( UV) light and re-emit it as visible light are called: a. bleaches b. fabric softeners c. optical brighteners d. water softeners optical brighterners
20:Petroleum distillates are: a. flammable b. grease cutters c. narcotic at high concentrations d. all of these all
17-32:Fluoride in drinking water or toothpaste retards tooth decay by: a. killing decay-causing bacteria b. strengthening tooth enamel c. deactivating salivary enzymes d. stopping carbohydrate metabolism strenthening tooth enamel
Para-Aminobenzoic acid (PABA) is the main active ingredient in: a. face creams b. mascara c. sunscreen lotions d. toothpastes sunscreen
In sun tanning, long-wave ultraviolet ( UV) rays promote formation of: a. Collagen b. Keratin c. Melanin d. Sebum melanin
Aluminum Chlorohydrate is the active ingredient in nearly all: a. antiperspirants b. lipsticks c. skin lotions d. deodorants antiperspirants
17-49:Hair is: a. Protein b. Carbohydrate c. Fat d. Cellulose protein
17-50:The principal active ingredient in any shampoo is: a. detergent b. protein c. an oil d. a buffer to balance pH detergent
17-51:Which of the following can nourish hair?: a. Beer b. Wheat germ c. Vitamins d. none of these none
17-54:In shampoos, "pH balance" means: a. equal amounts of Phosphorus and Hydrogen b. equal numbers of Protons and Hydrogen ions c. a pH of exactly 7 d. a pH range that will not harm eyes or skin not harm eyes or skin
17-58:Hair curling or straightening involves breaking and reforming of: a. Protein chains b. hair fibers c. Disulfide linkages d. Diamine bonds disulfide linkages
:Exercise in which body tissues have insufficient Oxygen to oxidize Glucose completely to Carbon dioxide and Water is called: a. Aerobic b. Anaerobic c. Diuretic d. Doping anaerobic
02:After engaging in a short, intensive burst of exercise, an athlete has: a. dehydration b. electrolyte depletion c. more slow-twitch muscles d. an Oxygen debt an oxgen debt
3:In muscle tissue, anaerobic oxidation results in production of: a. Carbon dioxide b. Glucose c. Glycogen d. Lactic acid lactic acid
18-05:When muscles are not used, they: a. atrophy b. grow faster c. remain unchanged d. turn to fat atrophy
18-06:Tiredness and muscle pain are due to buildup of: a. Fat b. Glycogen c. Lactic acid d. Myoglobin lactic acid
18-08:The end product of Aerobic Oxidation in muscle tissue is: a. Amylose b. Carbon dioxide c. Glycogen d. Lactic acid 18-08:The end product of Aerobic Oxidation in muscle tissue is: a. Amylose b. Carbon dioxide c. Glycogen d. Lactic acid carbon dioxide
09:Which activity is aided by a high proportion of fast-twitch muscle?: a. marathon run b. hard day's manual labor c. lift a 400-lb weight d. swim the English Channel (20 miles) 400 lb weight
:The only safe way to build muscle is to: a. eat lots of Protein b. take lots of Vitamins c. take Anabolic Steroids d. exercise exercise
11:A runner is eating a balanced diet. If she wishes to increase her mileage, she should also increase intake of: a. Carbohydrates b. Fats c. Proteins carbs
2:On the first day of a fast, the body obtains energy mainly from: a. Fat b. Blood glucose c. Glycogen d. Proteins glycogen
18-14:Your favorite chemistry professor runs 10 miles on a warm day. He weighs 6 lb less at the end of the run than he did at the beginning. The weight loss is mainly due to lost: a. Fat b. Glycogen c. Muscle d. Water water
18-17:Which is a good indicator of dehydration?: a. a craving for salt b. a desire for a beer c. thirst d. none of these none
18-18:To replace water lost in exercise, you should drink: a. Gatorade b. beer c. plain water d. mineral water plain water
18-21:You run 10 miles. Though tired, you feel great because your brain has synthesized some: a. Amphetamine b. Endorphins c. Morphine d. Antihistamines endorphins
22:Athletic performance can be improved by: a. anabolic steroids b. electrolyte replacement fluids c. high-protein diets d. practice practice
18-23:Drugs relieving muscle soreness after an athletic event are called: a. Anabolic steroids b. Antipyretics c. Restoratives d. Stimulants restoratives
24:Drugs thought to enhance muscle tissue buildup are called: a. Anabolic steroids b. Analgesics c. Progestins d. Stimulants anabolic steroids
18-25:Cocaine: a. increases strength b. increases quickness c. increases endurance d. creates delusion of invincibility invincibility
18-30:Athletes should get extra calories they need from: a. Carbohydrates b. Fats c. Proteins d. Vitamins carbs
18-31:Many quick-weight-loss diets include Diuretics which: a. double your use of calories b. double your level of energy c. increase your output of Urine d. increase your use of Vitamins increase urine
18-33:Vitamin C is: a. Ascorbic acid b. Water soluble c. an Antioxidant d. all of the above all
18-34:Water-soluble Vitamins: a. must be replaced regularly b. are fat soluble c. are stored in the body d. are red in color must be replaced regularly
18-36:Greatest concern for smokers should be: a. cancer b. heart attacks and strokes c. weight gain d. none of the above heart attacks nd strokes
18-37:Endurance activities use mostly: a. slow-twitch muscles b. fast-twitch muscles c. both slow- and fast-twitch muscles d. none of the above slow twitch muscles
18-39:Caffeine: a. triggers release of fatty acids b. increases heart rate c. speeds metabolism d. all of the above all
19-01:Aspirin is a: a. single chemical compound b. mixture of Acetylsalicylic acid and Caffeine c. mixture of a variety of chemical substances d. drug derived from plant sources single chemical compound
19-02:Aspirin is: a. Salicylic acid b. Acetylsalicylic acid c. Methyl salicylate d. Phenyl salicylate acetylsalicicy acid
19-06:The combination APC refers to which of the following?: a. Aspirin, Phenol, and Cocaine b. Alcohol, Prune juice, and Carrot juice c. Aspirin, Phosphates, and Cope d. Aspirin, Phenacetin, and Caffeine asprine phenacetin and caffeine
19-07:Which of the following compounds has been used extensively as a substitute drug for those allergic to Aspirin?: a. Acetaminophen b. LSD c. Thalidomide d. Morphine acetaminophen
19-08:An advantage of Acetaminophen over Aspirin is that it: a. is better at relieving pain b. is better at reducing fever c. is better at reducing inflammation d. may be taken by people who are allergic to Aspirin may be taken by ppl allergic to asprin
19-09:Which of the following has been clinically proven to be more effective than plain Aspirin for relief of headache pain?: a. Excedrin b. Anacin c. Vanquish d. none of these none
19-10:Anacin is: a. a chemical compound similar to Aspirin b. a mixture of Aspirin and Caffeine c. more effective than Aspirin d. all of these asprin and caffeine
19-11:For pain relief associated with tooth extraction, dentists often recommend Acetaminophen because: a. it is more effective than Aspirin b. it reduces inflammation c. Aspirin promotes bleeding d. it is always safer than Aspirin asprin promotes bleeding
-12:Excedrin contains Aspirin and an Aspirin substitute. The substitute has what advantage over plain Aspirin for relief of headache pain?: a. extra strength b. lower toxicity c. faster action d. none of these none
:Which medication shortens duration of a common cold?: a. Penicillin b. Contac c. Nyquil d. none of these none
ubstances triggering release of Histamines are called: a. Allergens b. Antihistamines c. Antimetabolites d. viruses allergens
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