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2018 PCS Guidelines

2018 ICD-10-PCS Guidelines Update

How many codes does ICD-10-PCS 2017 contain? 78,705
Over 800 changes resulted in previously recognized operating room codes becoming what? Nonoperating room codes
Where are the annual ICD-10-PCS coding updates posted? On the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website
Revisions included tables added to the _______________ section. New Technology
Edits to the headings in tables located in the "_____________" and "_____________ or Systemic and Performance" sections Medical and Surgical; Extracorporeal
Changes to root operation, approach, type qualifier, or device/substance/technology definitions were made to which sections? Obstetrics, Administration, Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology, and New Technology
The "Medical and Surgical" and "Obstetrics" sections contained edits to... Body part, approach, device, and qualifier values
True or False: Edits were made to the "Device Aggregation Table." True
Additional endoscopic approaches were inserted into the "Medical and Surgical," "Obstetrics," "______________," and "Measurement and Monitoring" section tables Administration
What letter was assigned to the "New Technology" section X
New tables were added for operations performed on which body systems? Muslces, tendons, bursae and ligaments, bones, joints, anatomical regions, and extracorporeal
K Muscles, tendons, bursae and ligaments
N Bones
R Joints
W Anatomical Regions
Y Extracorporeal
The "Medical and Surgical" section, body system "Central Nervous System" was changed to what? "Central Nervous System and Cranial Nerves"
What was the Centeral Nervous System changed to include Cranial Nerves? ICD-10-PCS was designed to include procedures performed on cranial nerves
The "Extracorporal Assistance and Performance" section name was changed to ______________________ to include procedures performed for both systemic assistance and performance. "Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance"
Changes to root operation, approach, type qualifier, or device/substance/technology definitions were made to which sections? Obstetrics, Administration, Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology, and New Technology
Definitions of which operations were edited to remove explanations in the "Obstetrics" section? Change, drainage, extraction
What is the name of the new approach in the "Administration" section? Percutaneous endoscopic
"Percutaneous Endoscopic" is defined as.... The entry, by puncture or minor incision, of instrumentation through the skin or mucous membrane and any other body layers necessary to reach and visualize the site of the procedure."
Which two approaches were deleted from the "New Technology" section of the ICD-10-PCS values? *Via natural or artificial opening *Via natural or artificial opening, endoscopic
Which two qualifiers were edited in the "Physical Rehabilitation and Diagnostic Audiology" section? Neurophysiologic intraoperative and prosthesis
True or False: The Neurophysiologic intraoperative type was deleted from the type qualifiers. True
True or False: The prosthesis type qualifier was deleted from ICD-10-PCS. False: Examples were added to the prosthesis type qualifier to add clarity.
The "New Technology" section underwent changes to which values? Operation, approach, and device/substance/technology
Which 3 operation values were deleted from the "New Technology" section? Insertion, removal, and revision
How many new values were created for device/subtance/technology, categorized as New Technology 3? 7
What values were added to the insertion, removal, supplement, and revision operations tables for the peripheral nervous system? Peripheral nerve body parts
The new Table added to the "Medical and Surgical" section Table 01R (replacement operation)
_____________________ and related approaches, devices, and qualifiers were expanded in bypass operation table for the heart and great vessels body system. Thoracic aorta body parts
What was added to the dilation operation table for the heart and greater vessels body system? The ventricle, left body part
Added to the release operation table for the heart and greater vessels body system Coronary artery body parts
The Obstetrics system divided the _____________ and ___________ into separate rows, and created vaules for related approaches, devices, and qualifiers. Products of conception, retained; products of conception, ectopic
"Local Anesthetic" was changed to what, as the substance in the Introduction operation for the "Physiological Systems and Anatomical Regions body system in the Administration" section? Anesthetic agent
The subcutaneous tissue body part and percutaneous approach for the introduction operation now contains a separate row to classify what substance? Serum, Toxoid, and Vaccine
Allows coders to locate specific devices and determine its related operation, body system, and type of general device. ICD-10-PCS Device Aggregation Table
True or False: ICD-10-PCS added two "specfic devices" to the device aggregation table for replacement operations on lower joints. False: Just one "specific device" was added, that being 'synthetic substitute, such as oxidized zirconium on polyethylene.'
Endoscopic approaches were added to which section tables? Medical and Surgical, Obstetrics, Administration, and Measurement and Monitoring
Considered a minimally invasive approach to examine body parts, such as the digestive tract. Endoscopy
When an endoscope is inserted through skin to gain access to body parts, it is described as..... Percutaneous endoscopy
ICD-10-PCS contains which new and revised coding guidelines? B3.3, B3.7, B4.1c, and B6.1a
B3.3 Root Operation: Discontinued or incomplete procedures
B3.7 Root Operation: Conrol vs. more definitive root operations
B4.1c Body Part: General guideline
B6.1a Device: General guideline
B3.3 - Discontinued or incomplete procedure was revised to add _______________ and its description was also revised to add _______________ to the first sentence. "Or incomplete"; "Or otherwise not completed"
The description of coding B3.7 was revised to clarify instructions on what? Coding operations to stop postprocedural or other acute bleeding
True or False: When more definitive root operations than "control" methods are documented, codes for the more definitive root operation are assigned instead of the less invasive "control" procedure. True: Coding Guideline B3.7 - Control vs. more definitive root operations endorses this statement in instances which require a more definitive root operation such as Bypass, Detachment, Excision, Extraction, Reposition, Replacement, or Resection.
What do the first 3 parts of an ICD-10-PCS code consist of? *Section * Body System *Operation
The last 4 parts of an ICD-10-PCS code consist of? *Body Part *Approach *Device *Qualifier
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