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FreaktheMighty 9-18

Vocabulary for Chapters 9 - 18

steed a high-spirited horse
pledge a solemn promise
oath a formally issued statement or promise
gruel a thin porridge
tenement run-down, overcrowded apartment houses
temporary not permanent
yonder that place over there
optimum the best result under specific conditions
decline express an inability to accept
Holy Grail a sacred object
intervention to come between disputing people; mediate
injustice violation of the rights of others; unfair action
urgency requiring speedy action or attention
convince to move by evidence to belief or agreement,
miraculous of the nature of a miracle; marvelous
deprived lacking the necessities of life
kin relatives
trussed to tie or secure closely
divulged to make known, reveal
fealty showing loyalty, devotion
abide to put up with; tolerate
sought to have gone in search of something
dysfunctional not capable of serving the purpose for which it is designed
functional capable of serving the purpose for which it is designed
smirk to smile in a smug way
deny to state that something believed to be true is not true
obligation a binding promise, sense of duty
redeemed to buy or pay off to clear by payment