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2017 LC DEB CD

la célebre the famous
dirigir to direct
entrega delivery
amamos we love
dejar to leave/to let/to stop
apasionante exciting
manifestó he/she said
sus voces their voices
la franquicia the franchise
la taquilla the box office
banda band
grababa he/she recorded
tocar to play (an instrument)
un contrato a contract
distribuir distribute
apoyo support
meterse to get
pedir to ask
disponible available
a principios de at the beginning of
aunque although
todavía still
las sedes oficiales the offical headquarters
clave key
la difusión the diffusion/spreading
emprendedores entrepreneurs
becas grants
los impuestos taxes
obstáculo obstacle
desaparece disappears
se da cuenta realise
mientras while
hidratado hidrated
embarazada pregnant
las personas mayores older people
padecer to suffer from
ola de calor heat wave
favorece it contributes to
desecho waste
la deshidratación the dehydration
la actividad cerebral brain activity
acabando finishing
la embajada the embassy
soportar to stand/to tolerate
contratar to hire
cuidar to mind
descartar to rule out
flojo light/weak
rondar to be about
cambio change
acabar de to have just
aislarse to isolate oneself
encerrándose to lock up
abonar to pay
acceder to access
su perfíl their profile
éxito success
ciberescuela cyber school
Created by: lmurphybgs
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