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Qué chév U6BL2 Vocab

Spanish vocab practice U6LB level 2

a tiempo on time
el abrelatas can opener
la alarma de incendios fire alarm, smoke alarm
alegrar(se) (de) to be glad, to make happy
el aparato appliance, apparatus
la cafetera coffee pot, coffee maker
la cerradura lock
claro/a clear
el club club
comenzar (ie) to begin, to start
complacer to please
convenir (ie) to be fitting, to agree
cualquiera any, anyone
discutir to discuss, to argue
dudar to doubt
dudoso/a doubtful
encantar to enchant, to delight
esperar to hope
evidente evident, clear
fascinar to fascinate
el horno oven
imposible impossible
el incendio the fire
interesar to interest
la lástima shame, pity
la licuadora blender
la llave key
más vale it is better
la mesa de planchar ironing board
obvio/a obvious
el pastel cake, pastry
el plan plan
la plancha iron
planchar to iron
preciso/a necessary
preocupar to worry
la regla rule
regresar to return, to go back, to come back
seguro/a (de) sure (of )
sonreír(se) (i, i) to smile
la tostadora toaster
temer to fear
urgente urgent
Created by: arribasb
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