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foxy faster then sonic and cooler
Freddy loud
Bonnie is creppy
Chica Loves pezza
Toy freddy Fat
Toy bonnie Blue
Toy chica Annoying
Mangle broken
Withed foxy Smart
Withed freddy dum
Witherd bonnie Faceless
Withed chica Armless and fat
Goldin freddy cool
Withed golden freddy scary
Springtrap Evel
Phantom freddy Annoying and sneky
Phantom foxy Jackcepticy
Phantom chica Is a melon
Phantom B.B Smart
b.b Lowd evel and steals batterys
... ....... Get pranked bro
Phantom mangle loud
phantom poopit Needs help
Phantom cupcack Funny
nightmare glichis out out your game
nightmare fredber Likes your bed
nightmare Freddy "these littel sh#ts are my kids¨
freddles This is my dad
Nightmere bonnie I m shiped with nightmere freddy for some reson
Nightmare chica I throw my cupcake at you thats it
Nighmare foxy I like your closet thats it i hide in your closet
Nightmare mangel Im not even a cannen character but im loved enway.
nighmare bb counet my teeth
Plushtrap F u
Cb Waaaaaa
f.foxy Only i can preform
f.freddy Bon-Bon. What a party pooper
bon-bon My frend wont stop throwing me
Ballora I love to dance
ennard i am broken
Minnreana Ia annoying
bidebab I want to play hide and seek
bonet boop my nose i dare you
yendo im a bare endoscelton
Orvil How did u like my act
happy frog im the only girl
ned bear stranger danger
pig pach this blog is asom no it was pathedic
hippo this reminds me of a story *slap* me: Shut up
paper pals who are weare the paper palls
funtime chica Loves the spot light
moltin freddy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah time to play
scrap baby you are the saddist peice of shit i have ever seen in my fucken life
Lefty i use my left side
sicerdy poopit i know u
poopit if you dont drop the beats i will kill u
Spoopy pooopit dont flas that light in mah eyes
rocstar freddy plz deposit 5 coins
rockstar bonni were is mah gutare
rockstar checa this old bird is afraid of wet floor sines
Rockstar foxy me bird like ya
el chip tacos
Created by: 900011314