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ICD-10-PCS 2019

ICD-10-PCS 2019 Coding Updates

October 1, 2018 ICD-10-PCS contains how many codes? 78,881
Where can you find the files for the ICD-10-PCS coding updates? The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) website
Which sections in ICD-10-PCS were subject to revisions? Index, Tables, Reference Addenda, ICD-10-PCS coding guidelines
How many sections in the ICD-10-PCS were impacted through additions, revisions, and deletions? 17
ICD-10-PCS 2019 tables which contain revisions Medical and Surgical, Obstetrics, Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance, New Technology
Which Medical and Surgical tables contained revisions? Bypass, Dilation, Extirpation, Control, Destruction, Extraction, Fusion, Removal, Replacement, Transplantation, Transfer, and Creation Root Operations
The Obstetrics ICD-10-PCS 2019 table for root operation "extraction" was revised to replace "classical" and "low cervical" qualifiers with _______ and ________ qualifiers. high; low
The Administration ICD-10-PCS 2019 table for root operation "introduction" contains revsions to which body region? Muscle
Which substance was effected so that the "influenza vaccine" as a qualifier could be assigned? Serum, toxiod and vaccine
The Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance ICD-10-PCS 2019 table for root operation "performance" contains revisions to the "circulatory" body system by replacing ______ with ______ 3 Membrane; F Membrane, Central
New qualifiers added to Extracorporeal or Systemic Assistance and Performance section G Membrane, Peripheral Veno-arterial and H Membrane, Peripheral Veno-venous
Table added to New Technology to classify the root operation "destruction" procedures for the male reproductive system XV5
Table revised to add new substances and the "New Technology Group 4" qualifier to the "peripheral vein" and "central vein" body part rows XWO
The Reference Addenda contains revisions for which sections? Definitions and Device aggregation table
Section revised to add specificity to include body parts in related definitions Section O-Medical and Surgical
Section changes were made to include new root operation values and revised definitions Section X-New Technology
Serves as a crosswalk of specific devices and related operations, body systems, and general devices ICD-10-PCS Device Aggregation Table
Device Aggregation Table is used with which other tables that are also located in the ICD-10-PCS addenda? Device Key and Substance Key
The Device Aggregation Table was revised to the delete the specific device, _______, _______, _______ and its related operation, body system, and general device synthetic, subsitute, unicondylar
True or False: ICD-10-PCS simply made revisions to guidelines A10, B3.7, B3.17, and B6.1a False: Guideline B3.17 had additions not revisions. Guidelines A10, B3.7, and B6.1a all had revisions however.
A10 And
B3.7 Control vs. more definitive root operations
B3.17 Transfer procedures using multiple tissue layers
B6.1a Device- General guidelines
The description of coding guideline A10-And was revised to clarify the interpretation of what? And/or
"Except when used to describe a combination of multiple body parts for which separate values exist for body part" Phrase used to clarify "and/or" interpretation
B3.7- Control vs. more definitive root operations was revised to delete the word ________ from it's description. initially
B3.17-Transfer procedures using multiple tissue layers was created to clarify PCS codes when.... transfer flap procedures are performed on more than one tissue layer
True or False: Just one ICD-10-PCS code is reported for surgery performed on the deepest tissue layer in the flap with no qualifier False: A qualifier is to be assigned to classify the other tissue layers in the transfer flap for surgery performed on the deepest tissue layer in a flap.
The description of Device coding guideline B6.1a-General guidelines was revised to add clarification about the removal of devices that are intended for what? Devices intended to remain after the procedure is completed
If a device is removed prior to the end of an operative episode during which it was inserted, should it be coded separately? Yes! Guideline B6.1a states that both the insertion and removal of the device should be coded separately.
What do the first 3 parts of an ICD-10-PCS code consist of? *Section *Body System *Operation
Last 4 parts of an ICD-10-PCS code consist of? *Body Part *Approach *Device *Qualifier
Created by: jr84
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