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Vocab Unit 8

All words for Vocab Unit 8 + part of speech + synonyms + example sentence

WordPart Of SpeechSynonymsExample Sentence
bamboozle verb to cheat or fool someone, to trick I bamboozled the man into buying fake diamonds.
chastise verb to reprimand, to scold, to admonish My mother chastised me about getting muddy and ruining my clothes
churlish adjective rude, sullen, uncivilized The man who yelled at me was very churlish.
dank adjective musty, clammy, damp, chilly A shivering wind rustled through the dank cave.
maverick noun an independent-minded person, individualist, free spirit, rebel The maverick decided to act when no one else would.
perilous adjective dangerous, hazardous, risky, precarious The kidnapped girl was in perilous danger.
repugnant adjective unacceptable, bad, distasteful The boy's manners were so repugnant that he ate all of his food with his hands.
sacrilegious adjective ungodly, sinful, indecent, unholy The man was so sacrilegious that he hit a girl!
ambiguous adjective not clear, uncertain, puzzling, cryptic, vague The riddle was ambiguous and took a while to solve.
athwart preposition next to, against, near I was athwart the racer beside me.
Created by: sseideman2027
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