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Learn Spanish

Lessons 1 & 2

to do hacer
to know saber
do you know sabes
to speak to talk hablar
I am estoy
you are are you estas
to tell to say decir
to be estar
to order ask for pedir
do you give das
how como
do you buy compras
how are you como estas
to live vivir
he/she eats come
what time a que hora
there ahi
he buys she buys compra
he lives she lives vive
to be estar
i come vengo
I do I make hago
I go out salgo
I put pongo
I've just acabo de
to go ir
there is there are hay
put it ponerlo
too demasiado
I eat I'm eating como
I like I love me gusta me enchanta
a fly una mosca
we go vamos
to find encontrar
I find encuentro
to remember recordar
I remember recuerdo
to return come back volver
you return vuelves
difficult dificil
you come are coming vines
to think pensar
I think that pienso que
an unpleasant boy un chico antipatico
I found encontre
to need necesitar
a ring un anillo
I had tuve
I rang you te llame
I wanted quise
to begin empezar
I begin empiezo
to fly volar
quickly rapidamente
to sleep dormir
he/she It is esta es
I went fui
Did you aste iste
Did you have You had tuviste
sad triste
so asi que
last night anoche
he spoke she spoke hablo
he ate she ate comio
he had she had tuvo
he went she went it was fue
experience experiencia
about sobre
fun divertido
God Dios
we had tuviomos
our Nuestro a/s
there was there were habia
to understand comprender
to attend asistir
people personas
I have eaten he comido
I have spoken he hablado
Have you hasta
done hencho
seen visto
to order ask for pedir
my keys mis llaves
already ya
to forget olvidar
he has helped they've helped ha ayudado han ayudado
we've helped hermos llegado
to suppose suponer
I've put he puesto
to hope wait esperar
to believe think creer
that night esa noche
this car este coche
I'd like me gustaria
I would go he would go she would go iria
they would buy comprarian
we would buy comprariamos
you would do harias
to try (for first time) probar
again otra vez
I'm hot tengo calor
I'm afraid tengo miedo
that car ese coche
we ate comimos
I did I made hice
I ate comi
I'm thirsty tengo sed
I could pude
he did she did hizo
Created by: nunyafnbiz