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U.S History to 1865


How did Native Americans impact major historical events? 1. The U.S. Constitution was modeled after the Iroquois Confederation2.Native Americans fought to keep the land granted by the government3.As part of the New Deal, over 7 milion acres of land were returned to the Native Americans
Why did France intially explore the New World? To participate in the lucrative fur trade, to find a shorter water route to Asia, and to immediately take over middle English colonies
Which nation did Colombus explore for? Spain
Which nation did de Game explore for? Portugal
Which nation did de Soto explore for? Spain
Which nation did Cartier explore for? France
Which nation did Verrazzano explore for? France
Which nation did Frobisher explore for? England
What were some of the justifications of the southern colonies for slavery? 1. It helped to civilize slaves 2. It gave slaves access to religion 3. It increase slaveholder profits
Why was Maryland established? as a refuge for catholics
Why was Rhode Island established? a refuge for Massachussetts dissenters
Why was Georgia established? to save the poor from debtors prison
Why was North Carolina established? as a commericial venture
Why was Pennsylvania established? as a Quaker colony
Why was Virginia established? as a commerical venture
Why was South Carolina established? to save the poor from debtors prison
Who founded Plymouth? William Bradford
Who founded Georgia? James Olgethorpe
Who founded Maryland? Lord Baltimore
Who founded Virginia? John Smith
Who founded Massachussetts? John Winthrop
What factors contributed to the outbreak of the French and Indian war? 1.The French expanded into the Mississippi Valley 2.The British wanted to check French influence in North America 3.The French rejected British attempts to negotiate for Canada.
Belief of the Loyalists (2) 1. Belief in the authority of an appointed royal governor 2. Belief in the sovereignty of Parliament
Belief of the Revolutionaries (2) 1.Belief in the right to directly elect representatives with the power to levy taxes 2. Belief in the idea of the social contract
Elements of John Locke’s concept of social contract 1.Rebellion is justified against arbitrary actions of government. 2.The right to life is one of humanity's natural rights. 3.Consent of the people is required for civil government.
Key elements of the statement of natural rights.(3) liberty, prosperity, and property
Why was the Olive Branch petition referenced in the Declaration of Independence? The colonists had tried nonviolent reconciliation and compromise
Why did the Colonists feel they had the right to throww of despotic governments and why did they include this in the declaration? Because King George dissolved Parliament and colonial assemblies
Why did the colonist feel their economic interests were being harmed? Parliament enacted a variety of revenue and trade acts
What two factors influenced the course of the American Revolution? 1.The battle of lexington and concord 2. the activites of the sons of liberty and american merchants
What are two reasons for colonial victory of the american revolution? washington's stragety at trenton, and the vast geographic area of the U.S.
Who Helped convince France to aid the American struggle for independence from Britain? Benjamin Franklin
Who helped plan the Boston Tea Party? Samuel Adams
Who served as the primary author of the declaration of independence? Thomas Jefferson
who wrote american crisis? thomas paine
who encouraged the continental army at valley forge? george washington
2 political roles of the loyalist advocated non-importation, and feared that independence would encourage disorder
2 political roles of the revolutionaries formed sons of liberty, and offered the olive branch petition
What was the roles of the Native Americans in the American Revoluition (3 answers) 1. they fought for the british 2. most stayed neutral under the iroquois confederation 3. and struggled for greater political rights in the colonies
How did the American revolution impact international politics French intervention in the revolution made it an internation conflict
Name the two examples of U.S. third party political platforms serving as agents of change between the American Revolution and the Civil War 1.The Liberty Party supported abolishing slavery. 2. The Free Soil Party supported federal land grants to farmers in Kansas.
Gibbons vs Ogden gave congress the power to regulate interstate commerce
scott vs sandford declared the missouri compromise unconstitutional
marbury vs madison established the principle of judicial review
mcCulloch vs maryland established the principle of implied powers
Provisions of the Monroe Doctrine (4) 1.Europe would no longer interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations of the Americas.2.The U.S. would stay neutral in wars between European countries. 3.Europe would not exercise influence beyond its hemisphere. 4.The U.S. would not interfere in conflic
How did the concept of Manifest Destiny promote U.S. expansion? 1.Inspired U.S. migration to the West 2.Inspired Americans to believe it was God's plan for the U.S. to expand 3.Inspired the idea of extending the reach of freedom 4.Inspired the conquest of California
What were land acquistions as a result of Manifest Destiny Annexation of Texas, Oregon Settlement, Annextion of Alaska
What effect did the second great awakening have on family as an institution? 1.Child rearing became a central focus of the family with children spending more time at home and families having fewer children 2.The role of women in the home shifted with the emergence of the domestic sphere, making women the guardians of morality and
Which of these expeditions traveled the Missouri River in search of a commercial route west? Jim Bridger Expedition
Who settled the Utah Territory? Mormons
Who established the mission stations? spanish
who founded the willamette valley? overland pioneers
who opened the oregon trail? fur trappers
who was responible for issuing texas land grants stephan f austin
Expansion of this occupation followed a westerly progression. Mining
The need for cheap fencing in this industry spawned the invention of barbed wire. Farming
The Wyoming Stock Growers Association helped develop early laws that governed this industry. Ranching
This industry was the first to attract people to the West in significant numbers. Mining
Nevada, Idaho, and Montana were granted early statehood due primarily to the efforts of this industry. Mining
Antebellum of the Northern U.S. 1.Tendency to embrace change and modernization 2.Economy based on manufacturing
Antebellum of the Southern U.S. 1.Maintained an aristocratic social structure 2.Tendency to embrace cultural tradition and social stability 3.Economy based on agriculture
How did the Mexican-American War (1846 – 48) affect the development of the American West? 1.Established the southern border of the U.S. at the Rio Grande River 2.Added California and New Mexico to areas controlled by the U.S.
Why did the Missouri Compromise fail to reconcile differences between the North and the South? 1.It only side-stepped the issue of slavery and made no real attempt to address the moral and legal questions. 2.It favored the North by prohibiting slavery in any new state that was formed from the Louisiana Purchase.
3 events that precipitated the U.S. Civil War 1.Missouri Compromise 2.LeCompton Compromise 3.Kansas-Nebraska Act
What was the political significance of the Battle of Antietam for Confederate states? President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
What was the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg? It turned the tide of the war and led to the eventual victory of the North.
What factors led to Union victory in the Civil War?
What was the political significance of the Battle of Antietam for Confederate states? President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.
What was the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg? It turned the tide of the war and led to the eventual victory of the North.
What factors led to Union victory in the Civil War? 1.Passage of the Enrollment Act of 1863 2.The failure of "King Cotton Diplomacy"
The Emancipation Proclamation granted legal freedom to which group of people? All slaves living in areas under Confederate control
The civil war victory of Ulysses S. Grant Petersburg
The civil war victory of William T. Sherman Atlanta
The civil war victory of Stonewall Jackson Bull Run
The civil war victory of Robert E. Lee Chancellorsville
Impact of the civil war (3 answers) 1.It broadened the scope of federal powers. 2.It heralded the beginning of the two-party political system in the U.S. 3.It expanded the power of the president in wartime.
Mississippi was one of the first states to secede from the Union. ( t or f) true
The Copperheads were ____________________. northerners who opposed the war.
At the beginning of the war, Lincoln decided on a two-front war strategy against the Confederacy, focusing Union troops and efforts in ____________________. Virginia and along the Mississippi Valley.
All of the following slave states remained within the Union EXCEPT ____________________. Tennessee.
The Battle of Antietam was significant because ____________________. It led the British to maintain a hands-off policy.
Cooperationists believed that the southern states should not secede from the Union. false
Which of the following statements does NOT describe the Civil War correctly? In the early months of the war, the North faced a shortage of volunteers.
In 1865, Union troops made their final push against Richmond when they captured _____ after a long siege. Petersburg
The most significant consequence of the attack at Fort Sumter was that it ____________________. evoked strong feelings of patriotism and dedication to the Union among northerners.
The Confederate constitution denied its central government the authority to do any of the following EXCEPT ____________________. make treaties and conduct foreign diplomacy.
All of the following were advantages held by the Confederacy at the beginning of the Civil War EXCEPT ____________________. industrial capacity.
Lincoln chose Andrew Johnson, a(n) ____, as his 1864 running mate. War Democrat
Before the war ended, President Lincoln pressed for a constitutional amendment that would grant freed slaves the rights of full citizenship. false
How did the Emancipation Proclamation change the war for the Union? It meant that the North was now fighting for a moral cause, but it also alienated slave holders living within the Union.
During the Civil War, the Union had all of the following advantages EXCEPT ____________________. better military leaders.
John Crittenden's compromise proposal of 1861 recommended that ____________________. the Missouri Compromise line be extended to the Pacific
Because the thought of war was tremendously unpopular in the North from the outset, Lincoln was forced to begin a military draft immediately following the firing at Fort Sumter false
As the Cotton Belt spread west into Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, planters more than likely came from well-established planter families. (t or f) false
Before _____, it was still possible to openly debate the rights and wrongs of the slave system in many parts of the South. 1830
Slaves in the upper South tended to have more stable family ties and conjugal bonds than did slaves who resided in the Cotton Belt. (t or f) false
Who organized the 1922 slave revolt in South Carolina? Denmark Vesey
Yeoman farmers supported slavery in the hopes that they would one day acquire slaves of their own. (t or f) true
Slaves who worked in rice cultivation tended to have less control over the pace of their labor than did slaves who labored on cotton plantations. (t or f) false
By 1860, the slave population in the South numbered ____________________. 4 million
Who or what is an entrepôt? a place of intermediary trade and shipping center where bulk cargoes were broken up for distribution and agricultural products were readied for export
What did colonists find most disappointing about the Treaty of Aix-la-Chappelle? Colonists had captured Louisbourg, but the British government returned it to France.
Concern over French encroachment in the Southeast led Spain to colonize St. Augustine. t or f true
African slaves were the only large group of people coerced into moving to the New World. t or f false
During the first half of the eighteenth century, British crown officials deemed all of the following items "enumerated goods" with the exception of ____________________. stamps
One way in which Indians found a "middle ground" during the seventeenth-century was in playing their French and English allies against one another. true or fals true
King George's War was also known as ____________________. the War of the Austrian Succession.
The French reacted to the end of King George's War by ____________________. establishing Fort Duquesne.
Where did the majority of New France colonists settle? along the St. Lawrence River
Which of the following was NOT the site of a British military victory during the French and Indian War? Fort Duquesne
Massachusetts Bay spawned four new colonies, three of which became permanent. Which one of the following was neither an expansion area for Puritans nor a refuge for Puritan dissenters? New York
What factor did not contribute to the early stability of the massachussets bay colony? The Puritans learned about hunting and agriculture from Squanto and Massasoit.
Roger Williams was banished from Massachusetts when he preached ____________________. extreme separatism of church and state.
Which of the following men did NOT have a hand in the development of the Carolina colony? Sir George Carteret
What factor does not explain Which of the following factors does NOT help explain why the Dutch lost New Netherland? The Dutch were Europe's most aggressive traders and owned the world's largest merchant fleet.
Mercantilism can be best defined as a system that ____________________. sought to establish economic self-sufficiency within the British Empire.
All of the following statements characterize education in the Chesapeake region EXCEPT ____________________. There were no colleges in the Chesapeake region
Which of the following does NOT help explain why King James II created the Dominion of New England? The king wished to promote the constitutional rights of all Englishmen.
The Navigation Acts primarily attempted to eliminate trade between the colonists and the Spanish merchants (t or f) false
Which of the following historical figures was not removed and/or executed as a result of the Glorious Revolution? John Coode
When the Portuguese first reached the West African coast in the fifteenth century, Muslim traders from North Africa and the Middle East had already introduced a new religion to parts of the region and expanded sophisticated trade networks.
How did Renaissance ideas impact early European explorers? Europeans rediscovered the classical technical knowledge of ancient geographers, which generated great intellectual curiosity about the world beyond the Mediterranean.
With regards to Spanish colonization, it can be said that ____________________. Instead of developing its own industry, Spain became dependent on the annual shipment of bullion from America.
The Portuguese first experimented with colonizing and slave labor on large-scale sugar plantations in ____________________. Madeira
Approximately four thousand years ago, small bands of spear-throwing Paleo-Indians pursued giant mammals such as woolly mammoths and mastodons across the vast tundra of Beringia. true or false false
Among most Indian groups, native men jealously guarded traditional culture and the system of polygamy and were more resistant to Christian missionaries. true or false true
Among most Indian groups, native men jealously guarded traditional culture and the system of polygamy and were more resistant to Christian missionaries. true or false true
Christopher Columbus used the Norse voyages to Newfoundland as the basis for his plan to reach Cathay. true or false false
The Marian exiles served as leaders of the Elizabethan Church of England, an institution that remained fundamentally Catholic until the end of the sixteenth century. true or false false
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