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Collection 3

The Move Toward Freedom

access a way of approaching or making use of
civil of, or related to, citizens and their relations with each other and the state
demonstrate to show clearly and deliberately
document written or printed paper that provides evidence or information
symbolize to serve as a symbol of, or represent something else
apprehension the fear or dread of the future
commence to begin or start
prudence the wise handling of practical matters
precepts a rule or principal regarding action or conduct
unabated to keep full force without decreasing
denunciation the public condemnation of something as wrong or evil
vindication the evidence or proof that someone's claim is correct
Fugitive Slave Law a law by which enslaved people who escape could be recovered by their owners
disheveled messy or untidy
instill to supply in gradually
dispel to drive away
Quaker a member of a religious group called the Society of Friends
linger to remain or stay longer
sullen people show silent resentment
eloquence the ability to speak powerfully and persuasively
evoke to summon
Philadelphia Vigilance Committee fundraising organization that helped people who escaped enslavement
cajole to coax or urge gently
solemn an event that is deeply serious
askew to be off center
strew to spread something here and there, or scatter it
legitimately to do something lawfully
resolute to be firm or determined
muted to be softened or muffled
Created by: BrewsterELA8