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ESP 4H Ch. 11

Midterm Review Chapter 11

la alianza alliance
la amistad friendship
las amistades friends
el amor love
la aventura amorosa affair
la cita date
la cita a ciegas blind date
el noviazgo engagement
el amante lover
el enemigo enemy
el novio boyfriend
la pareja couple
la pareja malemparejada mismatched couple
el querido beloved
el rompecorazones heartbreaker
la alegría happiness
el cariño affection
la cobardía cowardice
la esperanza hope
la pesadilla nightmare
la tristeza sadness
atraer to attract
burlarse de to make fun of
calentarse to heat up
comprometerse to get engaged
conocerse to meet
corregir to correct
darse cuenta de to realize; find out
disfrutar to enjoy
echar de menos to miss
emocionarse to be moved
enterarse de to find out
esforzarse to make an effort
estar con to be with
estar juntos to be together
estar peleados to be on the outs; broken up
impresionar to impress
olvidar to forget
perdonar to forgive
recapitular to sum up; recap
romper con to break up with
traicionar to betray
amistoso friendly
bromista jokester
cariñoso affectionate
cobarde cowardly
comprensivo understanding
enamorado in love
exagerado tends to exaggerate
experimentado experienced
íntimo intimate; close
sensible sensitive
valiente brave
la boda wedding
los padrinos groomsmen
la novia girlfriend; bride
las damas de honor bridesmaids
los invitados guests
el aniversario de boda wedding anniversary
el banquete banquet
el beso kiss
el brindis toast
el buffet buffet
la caricia caress
la luna de miel honeymoon
la reunión reunion
la sorpresa surprise
los votos matrimoniales wedding vows
la ceremonia religiosa/civil religious/civil ceremony
abrazar to hug
acariciar to caress
acercarse a to approach
acordarse de to remember
alejarse de to distance oneself
amar to love
aparecer to appear
brindar to toast
casarse con to get married to
celebrar to celebrate
desaparecer to disappear
devolver to return (an item)
emparejarse to pair off
festejar to celebrate
invitar to invite
llorar to cry
querer to want/love
regalar to give a gift
resultar to result in
el nacimiento birth
la infancia infancy
la niñez childhood
la adolescencia adolescence
la juventud youth
la madurez maturity
la vejez old age
la muerte death
nacer to be born
crecer to grow
graduarse to graduate
separarse to separate
divorciarse to get divorced
quedarse solo to stay single
jubilarse to retire
morir to die
el estado civil civil status
casado married
recién casado recently married
recién casados newlyweds
divorciado divorced
separado separated
soltero single
viudo widowed
el matrimonio marriage
la separación separation
el divorcio divorce
Created by: sstaebell
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