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Freak the Mighty 1-8

Vocabulary for Chapters 1 - 8

Unvanquished not able to be defeated
Vacant having no contents; empty
Scuttle a short, hurried run
Limitations restrictions
Edgy impatient and anxious, nervously irritable
Perspective an accurate point of view; objectivity
Confrontation a conflict of opposing forces
Strutting walking with "attitude"
Sobriquet a nickname
Hulking clumsy and heavy
Trajectory the curve described by a rocket in flight
Sentimental expressive of the tender emotions: love, pity, nostalgia
Glimpse a brief sight or view
Hunkering to lumber along; walk or move slowly or aimlessly
Postulate to claim or assume the existence or truth of
Deficiency incompleteness; insufficiency
Converging incline toward each other, as lines that are not parallel
Evasive avoiding or seeking to avoid trouble or difficulties
Persuaded to urge or try to influence
Propelled to cause to move forward
Demeanor conduct or behavior
Depleted to exhaust the supply of
Cretin a stupid or mentally defective person
Quest an adventurous expedition
Resembles to be like or similar to
Propulsion the state of being propelled
Invincible incapable of being conquered or defeated
Expel to discharge or eject
Alternatives a possible choice
Archetype a collectively inherited pattern of thought universally present in individual psyches



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