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FLS 201 de la vida

Felicidades congratulations
abrazarse to hug (each other)
la graduación graduation
graduarse to graduate
la adolescencia adolescence
regalar to give a gift
el nacimiento birth
la niñez childhood
llevarse mal to get along poorly (with)
besarse to kiss (each other)
felicitar to congratulate
la boda wedding
casarse (con) to get married (to): to marry
el compromiso engagement
comprometerse to become engaged
el novio boyfriend, groom
la novia girlfriend, bride
llevarse bien (con) to get along well (with)
el funeral funeral
la muerte death
las flores flowers
la amistad friendship
el amor love
el cariño affection
la ceremonia ceremony
el divorcio divorce
el noviazgo courtship
los novios engaged couple, newlyweds
la pareja couple, partner
la primera cita first date
la separación seperation
la vida life
agradecer to thank
amar(se) to love (each other)
casarse (con) to get married (to); to many
dar a luz to give birth
dar el pésame to offer condolences/sympathy
divorciarse (de) to get divorced (from)
enamorarse (de) to fall in love (with)
nacer to be born
querer (ie) to love
romper (con) to break up (with)
salir (con) to go out (with)
separarse de to separate (from)
Created by: meg.minor.15