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la amistad friendship
apoyarse to support each other
los demás the others
discutir to discuss/argue
enojarse to get angry
entenderse to understand each other
hacer caso a to pay attention to
íntimo close
llevarse bien/mal to get along well/badly
lo más/menos the most/least
lo mejor/peor the best/worst
¡Qué va! Not at all!
relacionarse con to relate to
admirar to admire
el conflicto conflict
el consejo advice
considerado considerate
dar un consejo to give advice
la discusión discussion, argument
frecuentemente frequently
mantener to maintain, keep
resolver to resolve
respetar to respect
responsable responsible
el sentido del humor sense of humor
sincero sincere
tener en común to have in common
modesto modest
vanidoso conceited
comprensivo understanding
incomprensivo insensitive
tranquilo calm
nervioso nervous
compartir to share
quejarse de to complain
mudarse to move
Created by: SeñoraSchlein
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