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GL Codes

Budget Details

5120-00 Gross Potential
5120-20 Commercial Rent
5220-10 Vacancies
5225-00 Bad Debt
5230-10 Market Rate Allowance
5300-40 Common area Maint. Income
5400-10 Garage
5400-15 Parking/Plug-ins
5400-20 Laundry
5400-25 Vending
5400-35 Late Fees
5400-40 NSF Fees
5400-45 Retained Deposits
5400-80 Water Fee
5400-90 Permission to Re-Rent
5400-94 Premium Rents
5400-95 Pet Rents
5400-96 TV/Cable/Internet
6205-00 Advertising
6210-00 Application Fees
6215-00 Seminars/Training/Certifications
6220-00 Referral Commissions
6225-00 Office Expense
6235-00 Miscellaneous Expense
6240-00 LEgal
6250-00 Accounting
6260-00 Telephone
6265-00 Communications/IT
6270-00 Permits/Licenses
6275-00 Community Services
6276-00 Transportation
6280-00 Travel & Entertainment
6281-00 Cable TV
6285-00 Security Guard
6287-00 Uniforms
6290-00 Security Deposit Interest
6295-00 Management Fees
6310-00 Manager Wages
6320-00 Maintenance Wages
6321-00 Caretaker wages
6330-00 Assistant Manager/Office Wages
6359-00 Bonus
6360-00 Employee Percentage
6361-00 Benefit Costs
6370-00 Leasing Commissions
6380-00 Employee Units
6390-00 Pre-employment Expenses
6420-00 Gas/Oil
6450-00 Electricity
6460-00 Water/Sewer
6505-00 Building Exterior
6510-00 Common Area Maintenance
6520-00 Cleaning & Janitorial
6525-00 Tiling
6530-00 Floor Coverings
6535-00 Elevator
6540-00 Carpentry
6545-00 Pest Control
6550-00 Plumbing
6555-00 Electrical
6560-00 Windows/Screens
6565-00 Locks & Keys
6570-00 Rubbish Removal
6575-00 Appliances
6580-00 Security & Fire Systems
6585-00 Window Coverings
6590-00 Water Softener
6595-00 Snow Removal
6600-00 Turnover Expense
6605-00 Roofing
6610-00 HVAC
6615-00 Equipment Repair
6620-00 Outside Grounds
6623-00 Parking Lot/Walkways
6625-00 Lighting
6630-00 Garages
6635-00 Pool Expenses
6640-00 Indoor Plants
6645-00 Signage
6650-00 Unit Refresh
Created by: lanecollins13
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