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Arabic Phrases n Voc

Translate قليلا A little
Translate نِصْفَهُ Half of it
او Or
مِنْهُ From it
انْقُصْ It means, lessen reduce , or subtract
Translate زِدْ To add or increase
Translate اَوْ زِدْ عَلَيْهِ Or add to it
Translat وَرَتِّلِ And recite
Translate تَرْتٖيلًا۝ (recitation) slowly n distinctly in a measured rythmic way
Translate سَنُلْقٖى Will cast or throw
Translate قَوْلًا A word
Translate ا ثَقٖيلًا۝ Heavy or mighty
Translate قَوْلًا ثَقٖيلًا۝ A heavy word, message or speech
Translate اِنَّ نَاشِئَةَ الَّيْلِ هِىَ اَشَدُّ Indeed, the rising in the night is very hard
Translate وَاَقْوَمُ And more suitable
Write Hi in Arabic سلام Salaam
Translate Good Morning to Arabic صباح الخير Swabaahal khayr
Translate Good Evening in Arabic مساح الخىر Masaahal khayr
Translate Welcome in Arabic مرحبا Marhaban
Translate HOW ARE U in Arabic كيف حالك Kayfa Haaluka
Translate I'm fine, thanks انا بخير سكرا Anaa bikhayri shukran
Translate And U ? In Arabic و انت And u?
Translate Good in Arabic جرد Jayid
Translate Thank U very Much سكرا جزيلا Shukran Jaziilan
Translate Hey! Friend اهلا صدىقى Ahlan Swadiiqi
Translate I miss you so much اشتقت اليك كشىرا Eshtaqtu elaika katheeran
Translate What's new? ما لجدىد Mal jadeed?
Translate Nothing Much لا شىء جديد Lashai jadeed
Translate Good night تصبح على خير Tosbehu 'ala khayri
Translate See U later ! اراك فى ما بعد Araaka fii maa ba'd
Translate Good bye مع السلامة Ma'as-salaamuh
Translate I'm not Well انا لست جىدا Ana lasta jeedan
Translate Bad in Arabic سىءة Sayi'ah
Translate What's ur name? ما اسمك Maa ismuka
Translate My name is....... اسمى Ismee
Translate See U Later اراك لاحقا Araaka Laahiqan
Translate Bye وداعا Wadaa'an
Translate Peace be upon U فى امان الله Fee am-maan Allah
Translate Take Care اعتنى بنفسك A'atanii binafsika
Translate Nice to meet U تشرفت بمقا بلتك
Created by: Mankind