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Free words 10


Various Diferente
Variety Variedad
Varied Variado/ Diverso
Storm off Irse enojado (leave angrily)
Temper Humor (mood)/ Estado de ánimo
Suspicious Sospechoso/ Misterioso
Suspiciously Con desconfianza
Run a business Manejar un negocio
Count on Contar con/ Confiar en / Fiarse de (trust, rely on)
Settle an argument Resolver una discursión
Book up Estar por completo/ No tener habitaciones disponibles (reserve fully)
Vacancy Plaza libre (free place or space)/ Oferta de trabajo
Relocation Translado (act of moving company)
Give (sb) a hand Echar una mano (help)
Handling Manipulación (touching or holding [sth])
Put forward Ofrecerse (propose, suggest)
Unsuitable Inapropiado/ Inadecuado
Suitability Pertinencia/ Capacidad/ Disposición (appropriate for)
Suitably Adecuadamente
Tell [sth/sb] apart Distinguir/ Diferenciar
Kick [sth/sb] out Echar a/ Expulsar a
Burgle Entrar a robar (often in passive:The police have caught the man who burgled my house.)
Grateful Agradecido (thankful)
Time off Vacaciones/ Día libre (holiday, vacation from work)
Chop down Cortar/ Talar (tree: fell, cut down)
Chase Persecución
Chase (sb/sth) Perseguir/ Cazar
Send up Burlarse de/ Ridiculizar a
Apologize Pedir perdón/ Disculparse
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