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spanish verbs

cantar to sing
bailar to dance
trabajar to work
hablar(por telephono) to speak(on phone)
patinar to skate
dibujar to draw
escucnar to hear/listen
montar to ride/mount
tocar to touch/play instrument
alquilar videos
nadar to swim
ayudar to help
navegar(por internet) navigate(the internet)
pasar(solo) to pass by(alone)
pasear to go for a walk
platicar(en linea) to chat(online)
bajar (archivos) to download (files)
leer to read
comer to eat
ver(la television) to see/watch(T.V.)
escribir to write
correr to run
llegar to arrive
hacer to make/do
jugar to play
ir to go
salir to leave/to go out
ayudar to help
mirar to watch
querer to want
cocinar to cook
necesitar to need
preparar to prepare
descansar to rest
respirar to breathe
pescar to fish
cazar to hunt
pintar to paint
escapar to escape
desear to desire
llorar to cry
pagar to pay money
beber to drink
vivir to live
poner put on
ensenar to teach
esperar to hope for
regresar to return
marchar to march
llenar to fill
comprar to buy
cenar to have dinner
tomar to drink
pasar (la aspiradora) to vacuum
limpiar to clean
cortar (el cesped) to cut the grass
presentar(un examen) to take a test
usar (lentes) to use/wear glasses
desayunar to eat breakfast
lauar(la ropa) to wash clothes
buenos tardes good afternoon
hasta mañana see you tomorrow
nos vemos see you
encantado pleased/nice to meet you
buenos dias good morning
buenas noches good night/evening
tengo que irme I have to go
igualmente likewise
que hora es? what time is it
de la tarde afternoon, P.M
de la noche night, P.M
de la mañana morning, A.M
es mediodia midday/noon
es medianoche midnight
diez 10
veinte 20
trenta 30
cuarenta 40
cincuenta 50
sesenta 60
setenta 70
ochenta 80
noventa 90
cien 100
enero january
junio june
julio july
el invierno winter
el otoño fall
la primavera spring
el verano summer
primero first
gracioso witty
bastante quite(adjective)
el ajedrez chess
el carro car
los deportes sports
la fruta fruit
el helado icecream
la musica music
la pizza pizza
el videojuego videogames
el animal animal
la comida food
la fiesta party
la hamburgesa hamburgers
el libro book
la pelicula movies
las verduras vegtables
bueno good
divertido fun
formidable great
interasante interesting
pesimo aweful
me da igual its all the same to me
mucho a lot
por que? why
porque because
delicioso delicious
fenominal awesome
horrible borrible
malo bad
mas more
te gusta...? do you like....?
gusta 1 item/infinitive verb
gustan 2 or more items
la tarea homework
el futbol soccer
Created by: Lillia Reid
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