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Sight Words Set 1

Reading sight words for grades 3-4

Eligible To be qualified for something
Dessert A serving of sweet food
Criticize To point out mistakes in something
Cousin A child of your aunt or uncle
Changeable Able to become different
Category A group of things
Calender A Chart that shows days, weeks and months of the year
Beneficial Helpful
Because For the reason that
Awkward Not graceful
Athlete Someone who is good at physical activities
Argue Bickering
Amateur A Non professional who shows beginner level skill or lower
Although Regardless of the fact
Already Before now
Alright Satisfactory; good enough
Finally After many attempts
Parallel Side by side and never meeting or touching
Opinion A judgement that is not based fully on facts
Occurence An incident of event
Occasion A time when something happens
Noticeable Easily observed
Ninety Equals the product of 9x10
Quiet making little to no noise
Nickle A coin that is worth five cents
Necessary Absolutely Needed
Maneuver A skillful movement
Loose Not fastened tightly
Invisible unable to be seen
Interrupt To stop an activity from continuing
Humerous Funny, amusing or comical
Harass To annoy someone again and again
Embarrass To make someone feel ashamed
Fourth Next after the third
Forty Equals the product of 4x10
Fiery Having or expressing the qualities of fire
February The second month of the year
Explanation The act or explaining
Especially Used to single out one person, thing, or situation over all others
Grateful Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful



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