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1984 Vocab Pt. 1

Vocab for Part 1 of the book 1984, for an English 11 class.

Axiom a saying
Bourgeoisie (negative) middle class
Contrived devise; invent
Drudge slave-like worker
Furtive sly
Garble mix-up; distort; scramble
Gesticulate gesture
Heresy heresy
Invariably invariably
Knell funeral bell
Myriad countless
Nebulous confused; cloudy
Orthodox customary; conventional
Pedant one who excessively displays his knowledge
Petty of little importance
Posterity future generations
Procure get by care
Pugnacious belligerent; warlike
Reverie a daydream
Solitude living or being alone
Tableaux a picture - as of a scene or memory
Vapid flat; dull; lifeless
Zealot a fanatic
Created by: MaeReth