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English II - Vocab

English Vocabulary - Lesson 4

in, il, im, ir not
inter, intero between, among, mutually, together
intra within, inside
is, iso equal, uniform, same, similar, alike
macr/macro large, long, great, enlarged
mal, male, mali bad, badly, harsh, wrong, ill, evil, abnormal
meg-, mega-, megal-, megalo- large, great, big, powerful, of exaggerated greatness
met, meta, meth after, behind, altered, changed in form, higher
micr-, micro- small, tiny
mon, mono one, single, alone
insignicant not significant
illegal not legal
immoral not moral
irregular not regular
interrupt break between; stop
intramural within the walls; inside
isotope one of two or more atoms having an equal atomic number
macrography abnormally large handwriting
malady a specific kind of ill health; a disease
megaloblast an abnormally large red blood cell
Metabolism the chemical change of a living cell by which energy is provided
microcosm a small representative system
Monotheism belief that there is only one God/deity
monolithic formed of a single large block of stone.
isometrics Isometric exercises are contractions of the same muscle or group of muscles
insolent showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect.; not respectful
interject say (something) abruptly, especially between a conversation and as an aside or interruption.
macrocosm the whole of a large complex structure, especially the world or the universe, contrasted with a small or representative part of it.
intraocular occurring within the eyes
intercept to come between the origin and its intended target
megaphone instrument used to make a sound seem greater
isobar line on weather map connecting equal atmospheric pressure
irredeemable not able to be brought back for monetary value
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