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WOC Units 6-10

Words Often Confused Practice

accent a way of pronouncing words
ascent the act or process of rising
steal to take in a way that is wrong or illegal
steel a strong, hard metal
groan to make a deep sound because of pain
grown no longer a child
guessed to give an answer about something when you do not know much about it
guest a person who is invited to visit or stay in someone's home
creak to make a long, high sound
creek a small stream
weather the temperature and other outside conditions
whether used to indicate choices
soar to fly or sail often at a great height
sore feeling or affected by pain
stake to support or attach
steak a thick, flat piece of meat
aisle a passage people walk through
isle an island
chord a group of three or more musical notes
cord an electrical wire that is wrapped in a protective covering
affect to cause a change
effect a change that results when something happens
advice an opinion or suggestion about what someone should do
advise to give an opinion or suggestion to someone about what should be done
adapt to change your behavior so that it is easier to live in a particular place
adopt to take as your own
adverse bad or unfavorable
averse having a clear dislike of something
lightening making something bright, light, or clear
lightning the flashes of light that are produced in the sky during a storm
decent polite, moral, and honest
descent the act or progress of going from a higher to a lower place or level
persecute to treat cruelly or unfairly because of race, religion, or political beliefs
prosecute to hold a trial against a person who is accused of a crime
peak the pointed top of a mountain
peek to look at someone or something secretly
device an object that has been made for some special purpose
devise to invent or plan
rain water that falls in drops from the clouds in the sky
rein a strap that is fastened to a bridle placed on the head of an animal that is used to guide it
reign the period of time during which a king, queen, or emperor is ruler of a country
a used in front of a noun with a consonant sound
an used in front of a noun with a vowel sound
then used to situate actions in time
than used to make comparisons
quiet not loud
quite completely or entirely
cite to quote
site specified place
sight vision or something that can be seen
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