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Word Set 8


TermDefinitionTypical Use
avarice (adj.) greed Motivated by avarice, the employee stole thousands of dollars from the company vault.
benevolent (adj.) generous She was a benevolent woman, volunteering all of her free time to charitable organizations.
bequeath (verb) hand down (through a will) Since John lost most of his money at the gambling tables, he had very little to bequeath to his children.
depreciation (noun); depreciate (verb) decrease in value Although I wanted to sell my china cabinet, I changed my mind when I found out how little it was worth due to its depreciation.
destitute (adj.) poor the destitute widow had no idea how she was going to buy food for her five children.
exorbitant (adj.) too expensive Because of my budget, I am unable to make exorbitant purchases.
frugal (adj.); frugality (noun) cheep(ness) I wanted front row seats, but my frugal husband wanted to save money by purchasing back row seats.
lucrative (adj.) profitable When the author decided to self-publish her book she had no idea it would be so popular and earn her such lucrative rewards.
luxuriant (adj.) lush, elaborate In the spring months, thousands of tourists visit the luxuriant gardens near the art museum.
magnanimity (noun); magnanimous (adj.) generosity, generous because she was kind and generous, the magnanimous queen was loved by all.
mercenary (noun/adj.) motivated by money the mercenary restaurant manager is trying to cut costs by selling inferior meat as prime cuts.
miserly (adj.) cheap, stingy Even though my aunt is wealthy, she is miserly and refuses to help me pay for college.
patronize (verb) financially support, be condescending towards Carrie refuses to patronize ant organization that supports the demolition of rain forests.
penurious (adj.) poor, impoverished The penurious little boy could not afford to buy school lunch.
perquisite (noun) additional payment, bonus, perk Ronald considers his pension to be the most desirable perquisite of his profession.
philanthropist (noun); philanthropic (adj.) someone who supports charity The technology mogul is a philanthropist who gave over fifty million dollars to colleges and universities last year.
procure (verb) get, obtain In order to make sandwiches to feed the homeless, we will meed to procure donations from local businesses.
provident (adj.) prudent, frugal My financier told me that I needed to be more provident when it came to my spending.
squander (verb) waste Eddie has a tendency to squander his entire allowance on comic books and action figures.
venal (adj.) willing to accept bribes Because the mayor was a venal man, he had no problem accepting bribes from real estates developers.
vocation (noun) career My father is returning to school to lean shills for a new vocation.
altruistic (adj.); altruism (noun) generous The billionaire is an altruistic man who gives away millions of dollars every year to various charities.
Created by: WiseStranger
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