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blocks los bloques
collection (pl. collections) la colección (pl. las colecciones)
rope la cuerda
dinosaur el dinosaurio
doll la muñeca
action figure el muñeco
teddy bear el oso de peluche
electric train el tren eléctrico
tricycle el triciclo
to collect coleccionar
to bother molestar
to fight pelearse
to jump (rope) saltar (a la cuerda)
as a child de niño, de niña
as a child de pequeño, de pequeña
once in a while de vez en cuando
to lie mentir
to obey obedecer
to offer ofrecer
to permit, to allow permitir
in general por lo general
to behave well/badly portarse bien/mal
everyone todo el mundo
neighbor el vecino, la vecina
truth la verdad
daycare center la guardería infantil
playground el patio de recreo
fish el pez (pl. los peces)
turtle la tortuga
coin la moneda
world el mundo
to play jugar
(I/he/she/it/you) was playing/were playing jugabas
(you) were playing jugábamos
(we) were playing jugabais
(they/ you, pl.) were playing jugaban
well-behaved bien educado, bien educada
spoiled consentido, consentida
disobedient desobediente
generous generoso, generosa
obedient obediente
timid tímido, tímida
mischievous travieso, traviesa
to go ir
(I/he/she/it/you) was going/were going iba
(you) were going ibas
(we) were going íbamos
(you, pl.) were going ibais
(they/you, pl.) were going iban
to be (permanent characteristics or qualities) ser
(I/he/she/it/you) was/were being era
(you) were being eras
(we) were being éramos
(you, pl.) were being erais
(they/you, pl.) were being eran
to see ver
(I/he/she/it/you) was/were seeing veía
(you) were seeing veías
(we) were seeing veíamos
(you, pl.) were seeing veíais
(they/you, pl.) were seeing veían
(to/for) me me
(to/for) you te
(to/for) him, her, you (formal) le
(to/for) us nos
(to/for) you (pl.) os
(to/for) them, you (pl.) les
Created by: Joshua_da_bomb48
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