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Flowers for Algernon

journal "Flowers for Algernon" is written in the form of a __________.
motivated Miss Kinnian recommends Charlie for the experiment because he is __________.
3 If the surgery is successful, Charlie will be __________ times smarter than he was before.
gradually Results from the surgery appear __________.
competitive Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur's relationship is __________.
pity Charlie leaves New York because he can't stand __________.
conflict When the two doctors argue over who should get more credit for the experiment, this is an example of the literary technique called __________.
allusion When the author mentions Robinson Crusoe and the Bible, these are examples of the literary technique called __________.
Charlie's loss of intelligence The flowers on Algernon's grave symbolize __________ __________.
helpful and protective How could Joe and Frank best be described at the end of the story?
lonely and sad What is Charlie's new, smart life like?
Charlie Who says: "All my life I wanted to be smart and not dumb."
Miss Kinnian Who says: "If you volunteer for this experiment, you might get smart. Don't be scared, Charlie. You've done so much with so little."
Dr. Strauss Who says: "Look at how well Charlie has learned to read and write for his low mental age...I say we use Charlie."
Joe Who says: "Show the girls how you mop out the toilet at the factory, Charlie."
Miss Kinnian Who says: "Don't feel bad if you find out everyone isn't nice like you think."
Charlie Who says: "Holy smoke, I really pulled a Charlie Gordon that time."
Charlie Who says: "Artificially increased intelligence deteriorates at a rate of time directly proportional to the quantity of the increase."
Fanny Who says: "It was evil when Eve ate from the tree of knowledge."
Mr. Donnegan Who says: "Charlie Gordon, you got guts."
Dr. Strauss Who says: "Charlie, you don't know it yet, but you're getting smarter all the time. You won't notice for a while."
Miss Kinnian Who says: "There are many levels, Charlie, like steps on a giant ladder..."
Charlie Who says: "Once again now I have the feeling of shame burning inside me."
Charlie protagonist and main character in "Flowers for Algernon"
Fanny worker at the factory who refuses to sign petition
Joe a guy from Charlie's work who takes part in bullying Charlie
Dr. Strauss the neurosurgeon who performs the experimental operation that increases Charlie's intelligence
Mr. Donnegan Charlie's boss at the factory
Miss Kinnian Charlie's teacher at the adult night school
Mrs. Flynn Charlie's landlady
Dr. Nemur doctor who is concerned about getting credit for the study; intimidated by Charlie when Charlie becomes smarter than him
everybody, even geniuses Who would Charlie like to help to have the surgery?
Algernon begins to bite What is an example of foreshadowing?
He carries a rabbit's foot. How does Charlie show superstition?
He reads a grammar book. How does Charlie clear up his grammar problems?
He is embarrassed. Why does Charlie call in sick to work?
useless How would you describe the FIRST inkblot test?
Burt Who is the lab assistant who tests Charlie?
1965 When does the story take place?
New York City Where does the story take place?
He remembers how to spell "progress report" correctly. What is one of the FIRST signs that the operation is working?
They are nice friends. BEFORE the operation, how does Charlie think of his co-workers at the factory?
He now loves to read. What is one ADVANTAGE of Charlie's successful operation?
They are limited in how much they know. What does Charlie realize about the two doctors once he becomes a genius?
The bus boy breaks some dishes and is made fun of by the customers. What happens at the diner Charlie goes to for dinner?
He tries the hardest. Why does Miss Kinnian say that Charlie is her best pupil?
Miss Kinnian Who recommends Charlie for the operation?
He is too smart for others to understand him, and some people are afraid of him. When he is at his smartest, why does Charlie have to spend most of his time alone?
The doctors need to see how smart Charlie is compared to Algernon. Why must Charlie do the mazes with Algernon?
Artificial intelligence deteriorates at a rate of time directly proportional to the increase. What is Charlie's big scientific discovery?
the inkblot test What is the FIRST test that Charlie fails?
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