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Word Set 6

Knowledge and Skill

TermDefinitionTypical Use
adept (adj.) skillful The salesman was adept at charming customers into spending more than they had planned.
adroit (adj.) skillful Although Herman proved quite adroit at carpentry, he was never able to sell any of his pieces.
anthropology (noun) study of human beings John's degree in anthropology prepared him for working in a national history museum.
boorish (adj.); boorishness (noun) crude Gideon's boorish behavior in front of the judge earned him a night in jail for contempt of court.
cerebral (adj.) intellectual Gabi has always enjoyed studying cerebral subjects such as philosophy, world literature, humanities, and statistics.
churlish (adj.) rude, impolite I admit that I wake up churlish every morning, but my mood improves drastically after I have my cup of coffee.
conscientious (adj.) careful, diligent In my neighborhood, conscientious people are working to protect our environment.
cosmopolitan (adj.) sophisticated, cultured, worldwide Since Jane loved being around people of various cultures, she enjoyed the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the international market.
credulity (adj.); credulous (noun) the trait of trusting others too much Tom's astounding credulity led him to believe that the world is flat.
didactic (adj.) (often excessively) morally instructive While the professor's lectures were designed to be didactic, they only served to confuse the students.
discern (verb); discerning (adj.) perceive, perceptive A detective's job is to discern who is guilty of a particular crime by evaluating the evidence.
epiphany (noun) sudden realization Just as I was about to fail the exam, I had an epiphany and remembered some of the facts I had learned.
erudite (adj.); erudition (noun) scholarly The room was fill of erudite scholars who made the discussion on astronomy fun and interesting.
esoteric (adj.) understood only by a few The medical research was so esoteric that only a few physicians could actually understand the results.
fastidious (adj.) careful, meticulous, exacting Although the fastidious painter had all of his brushes, he refused to paint because his special canvasses were unavailable.
finesse (noun) tact, elegant skill The chess champion played the game with a finesse that allowed him to easily beat all the other players.
flummox (verb) confuse Because I didn't study for the final exam, all the questions seemed to flummox me.
folly (adj.) foolishness Unfortunately, the man's act of folly in the casino caused him to lose everything he owned.
foolhardy (adj.) recklessly daring Many cats make the foolhardy decision to climb a tree and then become afraid to climb back down.
grandiose (adj.) pompous, pretentious the billionaire has this grandiose idea about building a house on Mars.
inane (adj.) senseless, stupid My teacher is really good about ignoring inane comments from the clowns in our class.
ineptitude (noun) incompetence Because of Bill's ineptitude, he lost his job.
ingenuous (adj.) unsophisticated and trusting naive Jessica's ingenuous nature made her an easy target for the con man.
lithe graceful, supple Lithe and stealthy, the cat crept soundlessly toward the unsuspecting sparrow.
neophyte (noun) beginner Because I have very little computer experience, I am a neophyte when it comes to working with the most software programs.
oversight (noun) mistake My cousin apologized for not inviting me to his wedding, insisting that it was an unintentional oversight.
painstaking careful The manuscript was so poorly written that editing it was a painstaking task that took half a year.
pedant (noun); pedantic (adj.); pedantry (noun) a person who makes a great show of their knowledge Rambling on and on, the pedant never knew when to stop discussing any issue that entered his mind.
precocious (adj.) early development in maturity and intelligence While their peers were running around the playground, one precocious group of elementary school students sat and chatted about colleges they hoped to attend
provincial (adj.) narrow-minded, unsophisticated After growing up in a provincial environment in the country, Henrietta sought out a more sophisticated life in the city.
punctilious (adj.) meticulous, attentive to detail Because my aunt is quite punctilious when it comes to table settings, every utensil must be turned properly.
pundit (noun) a knowledgeable commentator The attorney is often asked to provide insight as a pundit for the prime time legal drama.
quixotic (adj.) foolish While the knight's quest sounded noble, in reality it was a quixotic plot which could only end in the young man's death.
sage (adj./noun) wise When I have questions about my courses, I often seek sage advice from my college mentor.
scrupulous (adj.) very careful and precise Because Shannon is a scrupulous editor, she never misses errors when she proofreads a document.
shrewd (adj.) astute, smart His shrewd coaching brought the ream to the state championship four years in a row!
slipshod (adj.) careless, sloppy Because the roofer performed a slipshod repair job, we had a leak in the kitchen within hours
stupefy (verb); stupefaction (noun) bewilder Even my teacher did not know the answer to the trivia question that seemed to stupefy the game show contestants.
susceptible (adj.) easily influenced or affected Because James smoked for over twenty years, he is extremely susceptible to illnesses.
tractable (adj.) easily managed or controlled Because the substitute teacher had a lot of classroom experience, she found it easy to turn the chaotic scene into a room of tractable students.
uncanny (adj.) extraordinary, weird When the psychic looked at the abandoned house, she had an uncanny sense that something bad had happened to the owner.
uncouth (adj.) crude In my family, it is considered uncouth to question someone about the value of a gift that they give you.
unfathomable (adj.) incomprehensible, unbelievable After five hours, we still could not figure out the unfathomable riddle.
ungainly (adj.) clumsy Penguins are ungainly on land, always waddling around awkwardly on the ice.
urbane (adj.) elegant, sophisticated Everyone wants to know why the urbane city people have decided to move to our small town.
venerable (adj.) commanding respect because of age, dignity Harold has been on staff at the hotel for sixty years and is recognized as a venerable part of the organization.
virtuoso (noun); virtuosity (noun) one with exceptional musical skill Ruben is a musical virtuoso who runs his own school of music.
wry (adj.) clever or grime sense of humor When I was driving, I saw a wry bumper sticker that read, "4 out of 3 people have trouble with fractions."
acumen (noun) insightfulness John's business acumen, along with his computer skills, made him an asset to the software company.
Created by: WiseStranger
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