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Land Use

Land-Use Regulation

Deed Condition stipulations imposed from grantor to grantee such as imposed in a defeasible fee estate.
Deed Restrictions (Restrictive Covenants) clauses in a deed which limit the future use if the property, such as the type of structure that can be erected or the purpose for which a structure may be erected.
Navigable Waterway a waterway with a bed and banks where it is possible to float a small water craft at some point during the year.
Nonconforming Use given when a building does not conform to zoning because of a change in the zoning ordinance. the use of the building, will be allowed to continue until the improvements are destroyed or the current use is discontinued.
Ordinary High Water Mark the point on the bank or shore where water is present often enough so that the upland begins to look different from the lake or stream bed.
Permitted Use uses that are permitted for a particular zoning classification.
Planned Unit Development/PUD a type of zoning that allows a developer to cluster buildings together thereby creating more affordable housing and more park and recreation space.
Riparian Right the right that governs running waters, such as rivers and streams, but may also include lakes. property owners who have riparian rights own the land to the center of the navigable water.
Setback Lines the amount of space required by zoning restrictions between the lot line and any improvements on the lot.
Special Use/Conditional Use A special use permit allows a landowner to obtain a tract of land for a use that doesn't fall directly under the permitted usage for that specifically zoned area.
Spot Zoning Occurs when a single parcel is granted special privileges which are not extended to other land which is similarly situated. is permissible only when in the public interest.
Variance grants permission to deviate from a zoning restriction.
Zoning the laws that determine how land may be used so that an area has orderly development and there is a minimization of conflicts between incompatible land uses.
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