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Public Speech Ch#13

Key Terms

attributing Identifying the original speaker of a quotation or the original source of a piece of support information.
call number An identification number printed on each book and on each card in a library
card catalog An alphabetical listing of the books in a library; some card catalogs are computer listings.
dewey decimal system A system for organizing and arranging nonfiction books in a library.
journal A magazine that publishes articles of interest to specialists in a certain field.
keyword A word that is important to a search. A keyword may not show up in the title of a book or article but only in its description.
library of congress system A system for organizing and arranging nonfiction books in a ligrary.
media center A modern term for a library, especially one having audiovisual materials.
on-line catalog A service provided by media centers that enabled a user to obtain bibliographies on a variety of topics from a computer data bank.
periodical Materials. such as magazines and newspapers, published at regular intervals.
plagiarism Using another person’s words or ideas without giving that person credit.
working bibliography A list of possible sources compiled by a speaker during research.
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