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Harmonica Small musical instrument played by blowing into it
Lantern Light that uses kerosene or batteries and not electricity
Outhouse Toilet shack outside with no plumbing or lights.
Ku Klux Klan A group of white people who cause fear for black people and sometimes kill black people.
General Store A store that sells many different categories.
Movie Balcony Upstairs seats to watch the show. Black people were only allowed to watch from there.
Pot Belly Stove A wood stove used to heat a room that was shaped rounded like a belly.
Sharecropper A poor farmer who worked the land but once harvested had to share the crops with the landowner.
Jim Crow Laws Laws and rules that were very unfair to black people and kep whites and blacks separate.
Cotton A plant that fabric is made from
Segregation Keeping people apart based on the color of their skin. Rules that kept black people from being treated fairly.
Slavery When a person can own another to make them work for free.
Great Depression Time when many people were very, very poor and had no money.
Janitor A person who takes care of a building.
Pushcart A wagon with an umbrella from which to sell food or drinks
Pop Another word for a soda drink.
Constable Police officer
Fertilizer Food for a plant
Intermission A pause or a break in the action or show
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