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Land Descriptions

Assessor's or Subdivision Plat a detailed map of the area giving complete metes and bounds descriptions of all parcels of land within the area. this must be recorded in the office of the register of deeds of the county where the land is located.
Base Lines imaginary lines running east-west (latitude) which intersect with lines running north-south (longitude and referred to as meridians) to form the starting points in the rectangular survey or US Government survey of land descriptions
Benchmark Usually bronze markers, placed by the US Coast & Geodetic Surveyors to locate a parcel of land and to indicate the elevation above sea level.
Correction Lines provisions in the rectangular survey (govt. survey) system made to compensate for the curvature of the earth's surface. are every fourth township line (at 24 mile intervals) is used as correction line on which intervals between the north and south range lines are re-measured and corrected to a full six miles.
Datum a level surface from which elevations are measured. surveyors use NY harbor as the mean sea level.
Fractional Section most townships do not contain exactly 36 square miles. fractional sections are undersized or oversized sections.
Government Lot a parcel of land established in the govt. lots, they are numbered. e.g. govt. lot 1 in the northwest quarter of fractional 18, T2N, R4E
Government Survey original survey of the state by US govt.
Known Point a point which a surveyor can locate on the ground from a written description of the point. section corners and quarter corners are examples of known points (ref points).
Lot And Blocks (Tract System) a method of legal description used when a surveyor's plat map is filed with the register of deeds in the county where the land is located.
Metes And Bounds to describe a parcel of land by starting from a known point and following the outside boundaries, giving direction and length of each side.
Monuments fixed natural or artificial objects used to establish real estate boundaries for a metes and bounds description (linear measure).
Plat a plan or map of land showing its subdivision into smaller parcels or lots.
Principal Meridian the north-south line from which townships are numbered east or west in the govt. survey of the state.
Quarter Corner the mid-point of each side of a section as mapped and marked on the ground govt. survey.
Range Lines lines that run north and south and are measured from the principal meridian. used in the rectangular survey system.
Section an area of land one mile square: division of a township, consisting of 640 acres. there are 320 acres in 1/2 section; 160 acres in 1/4 section; 80 acres in 1/8 section; and 40 acres in 1/16 section
Square Footage In One Acre there are 43,560 square feet in 1 acre.
Survey the process by which a parcel of land is measured and its area is ascertained.
Topographic or Contour Maps these maps show elevations. contours lines on maps connect all points having the same elevation. the purpose is to show hills, valleys, slopes, and water runoffs.
Township an area of land six miles square, or 36 square miles; the largest division of land in a govt. survey
Township Lines township lines are six miles apart and run east and west. they are measured fro the base lines and used in the rectangular survey system.
Air Lot a designated airspace over a piece of land. an air lot, like surface property, may be transferred.
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