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Stem Words- Mrs. Lee

Study for the Stem Words final quiz

What is scrib/scrip write
What is gyn woman
What is pedi child
What is cardio heart
What is amor love
What is the, theo god, a god
What is pat(er) father
What is mat(er) mother
What is frater brother
What is soror sister
What is multi many
What is semi half
What is demi half
What is sol sun
What is milli thousand
What is equi equal
What is hemi half
What is omni all
What is cent hundred
What is kilo thousand
What is uni one
What is bi/du two
What is tri three
What is quad four
What is hex six
What is penta five
What is sept seven
What is oct eight
What is non nine
What is dec ten
What is pyr fire
What is hypo under, less
What is polis/polit city,citizen
What is aqua water
What is dict to say, speak
What is capit head
What is carn flesh
What is corp body
What is duc/duct to lead
What is mal bad
What is mega large
What is micro small
What is nom rule
What is path feeling, disease
What is pod/ped foot
What is scop see
What is hyper over, excessive
What is anti against
What is peri around
What is syn/sym same
What is poly many
What is dem(o) people
What is nym name
What is gam(os) marriage
What is phon sound
What is photo light
What is bene good, well
What is hydr water
What is pseudo false
What is astro star
What is anthrop(o) man
What is arch chief, ruler
What is cide to kill
What is gen birth, race
What is phil love of
What is phobia fear of
What is soph wise
What is therm heat
What is tox poison
What is trans across
What is auto self
What is bio life
What is centri center
What is chrono time
What is geo earth
What is gram something written
What is graph to write
What is helio sun
What is logy science of, study of
What is meter to measure
Created by: Caius P.
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