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WOTD Units 1-4

refinement fineness of feeling, taste, manners, or language
pervade to spread throughout
vague so unclear that it is hard to understand
adulation feeling of deep admiration or worship
simultaneously when things happen at the same time
placate to make someone less angry by doing something to please him/her
lilting pleasantly light and musical
surreptitious secretive and sneaky
venerable old and wise; deserves respect
trudge to walk with slow, heavy steps
callous thick skinned or insensitive
infuriate to fill with wild, fierce anger; to enrage; to make furious
repress to hold back or keep inside; to hold in by self-control
indifferent you are not for or against it; you have no interest in something
muted gentle and soft, not strong and bright (related to colors and sounds)
cantankerous someone who complains or argues about everything
Created by: klawiter