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Spanish 2H game

Review game for all units

Stem change of comenzar e-ie
You (informal) prefer tu prefiere
Stem change of confesar e-ie
Empezar in English to begin
She thinks Ella piensa
Stem change of sentar e-ie
Ustedes entienden in English They understand
Perder in English to lose
We want in Spanish Nosotros queremos
Yo miento in English I lie
Stem change of sentir Nosotros sintamos
You all eat lunch Vosotros almorzáis
stem change of contar o-ue
Encontrar in English to find
He plays in Spanish El juega
Probar in English to try
Stem change of volar o-u
Devolver in English to return something
You( formal) smell in Spanish Usted huele
Stem change of poder o-ue
El resuelve in English He resolves.
They (female) return in Spanish Ellas vuelven
We sleep in Spanish Nosotros dormimos
Morir in English to die
To measure in Spanish Medir
I ask for in Spanish Yo pido
I repeat in Spanish Yo repito
Stem change of Sonreír e-i
She follows in Spanish Ella sigue
Algebra in spanish álgebra
art in spanish art
biology in spanish biología
Cocina in english foods
Costura in english textiles
Physical education in spanish educación física
Español in english Spanish
Physics in Spanish física
French in Spanish Fránces
Geografía in english geography
Geometría in english geometry
gobierno americano in english American government
Free period in spanish hora libre
Computer science in spanish informática
English in spanish íngles
japonés in english japanese
Latin in spanish Latín
literature in spanish literatura
Mathematics in Spanish Matemáticas
Music in Spanish música
Química in English Chemistry
Salud in English Health
Auditorio in English Auditorium
Aulas in English Classrooms
bano in English bathroom
Tennis courts in Spanish Cancha de tenis
Sport fields in Spanish Campo de deportes
Gym in Spanish gimnasia
Oficina in English Office
Passillo in English Hallway
Alumnos in English Students
Conserje in English Custodian
Secretary in Spanish Secretarias
Cheerleading in Spanish Animación deportiva
Equipo in English Team
Atletismo in English Track and Field
A campa traviesa cross country
Wrestling in Spanish Lucha
Created by: s015421
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