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S.S. Vocabulary

Colonial American

Charter a document issued by a government that grants special rights to the person or company
Representative Government a government in which voters elect people to make laws for them
Pilgrims a person who make a religious journey; english separatists or those who wanted to separate from the english church, settled in plyocroth
Puritans religious group who settled in massachusetts and waned to purify or reform the church of english
Toleration willingness to let other practice their own custom and beliefs
Town Meeting meeting in which citizens discuss and vote on local community issues
Proprietior man who owned a proprietary colony
Proprietary Colony english colony in which the english king gave land to a man in exchange for a yearly payment or to pay a debt
Royal Colony colony under the control of the english king
Quaker protestant reformers who believed that all people were equal in god's eyes and who were despised by other in england
Back Country a frontier region along the appalachian mountains from pennsylvania to georgia
Debor a person who owes money
Indentured Servants person who agreed to work without pay for 7-10 years, in exchange for an expensive passage out of europe
Middle Class in the 13 english colonies, people who were skilled craft
Gentry highest social class in the colonies
Triangular Trade colonial trade route between new england, africa, and west indies
Cash Crop crop sold for money ( tobacco, cotton, rice , ect)
Plantation large farming estates in the south, that required many workers
Subsistence Farming farming that produces enough food for the family with a small amount left to trade
Self- Sufficient able to supply one's needs without external assistance
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