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Senderos VII

la Actualidad Nowadays, the Present state of things
Adelgantze Slimming
Agitado(a) Agitated, Fast Paced
Alimentario(a) Related to Food
Alimentcio(a) Nutritious
el Alimento Food, Nourishment
Antaño Long ago
Chatarra (slang) Junk
los Colorantes Dye
Corporal Belonging to the Body
Cumplir to fulfill one's duties
Desalentar to Discourage
la Diligencia Errand
la Grasa Fat
Impedir to Prevent
Ingerir to Ingest
Negarse to Refuse
Pesar to Weigh
la Pesa Weight(for lifting)
el Peso Weight
Poner en Peligro to Jeprodize
la Receta Prescription, Recipe
el Rechazo Rejection
el Régimen Diet
Sano(a) Healthy
Sedentario(a) Sedentary
Soler to be in the habit of doing
tender to have a tendency to
Acostumbrarse a to get used to
Aumentar de peso to Gain Weight
Los Bañistas Bathers
Broncearse to get a Suntan
la Cirugía Bariátrica Gastric Bypass Surgery
Cuidar la Línea Watch the Diet
Enviciado(a) Addicted to
el Estiramiento Steching
Gratuito(a) Free of Charge
Obligar to Force
la Pasarela Runway(For Models)
el Pegamento glue
Rescatar to Rescue
Vacío(a) Empty
Created by: rnm
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