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"The Landlady" 8ELA

8th grade ELA vocabulary for "The Landlady"

Brisk active, fast, energetic
Facade the face of a building
Blotchy covered with blotches; patchy
Illuminate Light up
Hearth the floor of a fire place
Congenial pleasant or agreeable
Conjure call upon
Rapacious aggressively greedy
Dither be indecisive
Queer strange; odd
Compel force or oblige to do something
Compulsion constant
Threshold a strip of wood, metal, or stone forming the bottom of a doorway
Swamped (adj) overwhelmed
Applicant a person who makes a formal application
Earnestly with sincere and intense conviction
Proceedings an event or series of activities
Frisky playful and full of energy
Dainty delicately small and pretty
Peculiar strong or odd; unusual
Tantalize torment or tease
Emanate issue or spread something
Puzzling something suprising
Trifle something of little value or importance
Blemish a mark that makes something imperfect
Lapse slight error or slip
Preserve to keep same from injury.



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