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Polyatomic Ions

Weird situationcorresponding Poly Ion
My fluffy bunny named ammonium that lives in my bedroom has no eyes and has 4 legs that help it hop and only receives + attention. ammonium or NH4⁺
No One 2 people can play nitrite in the office and be negative nitrite or NO2⁻
NO 3 pieces of nitrated meat that come from the fridge can be negative nitrate or NO3⁻
Some Owls had 3 babies in the shed but they lost 2 and named the last one sulfite sulfite or SO3⁻²
The Same Owls had another 4 babies in the shed and lost another 2. The dead babies had a sully-fate in life. sulfate or SO4⁻²
most people say OH no in the hospital called hydroxide were OH is a negative thing to say. hydroxide or OH⁻
the Principle at FC had 4 Olives in her salad but her dog named phosphate ate 3 phosphate or PO4⁻³
mom bought 3 COkes at walmart but drank 2 and got really burpy and had to take pills called carbonate to help carbonate or CO3⁻²
I said CIO (ciao) 3 times at starbucks to my friend chlorate but got a negative response chlorate or CIO3⁻
Created by: Catlover3500