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class 6 amity october vocab list

Pretentious Syn- Flamboyant, Exaggerated Ant-Moderate, Modest Usage- They lived in an ordinary house with nothing pretentious about it.
Relentless Syn-Determined, Unflinching Ant- Yielding, Usage - The relentless pursuit of excellence will lead to success.
Unceremoniously Syn-roughly, rudely Ant-Politely, Usage-They dumped his belongings unceremoniously on the floor.
Scoff Syn-Mock, Jeer Ant-Praise Usage-People living in big bungalows scoff at those living in slums.
Grieve Syn-Mourn, brood Ant-Rejoice Usage-The country men grieved at the sudden death of their leader
Pedlar Syn-Hawker, street seller Usage-Many pedlars can be seen in the local market selling their wares.
Compliance Agreement, concur Ant- Disagreement Usage-Their financial statements are in compliance with the accounting practices
Demeanour conduct, disposition, Usage-One should maintain professional demeanour throughout.
rampant Unchecked, wide spread, flourishing X Controlled, restrained Usage - Dengue spread rampantly last year.
Inept Clumsy, absurd, awkward X Competent Usage - His letter of apology was inept and inappropriate to the situation.
Passé outdated, outmoded X modern , updated Usage- Javon’s work in logic went on passé with his work in political economy.
Groggy Dazed, unsteady X stable Usage - John felt groggy after his sickness.
Pervade Diffuse, saturate X Drain, deplete Usage - The open window allows the scent of the flowers in the garden to pervade the adjacent rooms.
Philanthropic humanitarian , charitable, benevolent X miserly Usage - Mrs. Gupta actively participates in philanthropic activities.
Picturesque Scenic, panoramic X drab, ugly The calm lake and the moon light created a picturesque landscape.
Paramount foremost X unimportant Safety is paramount when climbing mountains.
Conjure Produce, summon, recall X Forget, neglect The smell of baking cookies can conjure images from childhood.
Truce Accord, agreement X disagreement, argument The two armies called for a truce after months of warfare.
Quell overpower, crush, end X provoke, aggravate To quell the baby’s crying the mother rocked him gently.
Quiescent dormant latent X active, lively The bats were quiescent during the day, so we slowly entered the cave.
Brusque blunt, gruff X Polite, kind The doctor spoke in a brusque tone.
Rancid over ripe, stale X fresh, sweet The rancid fruits in the refrigerator had to be thrown away.
Connive Collude, conspire - The management was accused of conniving with the guilty.
Rapt captivated, engrossed X Disinterested, nonchalant The audience heard his poem with rapt attention.
Regimen Process, regime - Last summer, she needed rigorous fitness regimen before Christmas to shed ten kgs of excess weight.
Created by: Durgesh