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Reflexive S3-S4

Reflexive S4 -S3 Repaso

aburrirse to get bored
acordarse(ue) (de) to remember
acostarse(ue) to go to bed
afeitarse to shave
alegrarse to become happy
animarse to cheer up
aprovecharse (de) to take advantage (of)
arreglarse to get ready, freshen up
asombrarse to become surprised, astonished, or amazed
asustarse to become or get frightened, scared
atreverse (a) to dare (to)
baƱarse to bathe (oneself)
burlarse (de) to make fun (of)
caerse to fall {self}
calmarse to relax, calm down
cansarse to become or get tired
casarse to get married
celebrarse to hold {e.g., a ceremony} or celebrate
cepillarse to brush {for oneself}
colocarse to be placed or put {somewhere}
cortarse to cut oneself, to cut for oneself {e.g., nails}
decidirse to be decided, to make up one's mind
desayunarse to eat breakfast
despedirse(i) (de) to say good-bye (to)
despertarse(ie) to wake up
divertirse(ie) to enjoy oneself
dormirse(ue) to fall asleep
ducharse to shower (oneself)
enfadarse to get mad or angry
enfermarse to get sick
enojarse to get mad or angry
enterarse (de) to find out (about)
estirarse to stretch
fijarse (en) to notice; to stare (at)
lastimarse to hurt oneself, get hurt
lavarse to wash (oneself), to wash up
levantarse to get up
llamarse to call oneself, to be named
mantenerse to maintain (oneself), to keep oneself (e.g.,: mantenerse en forma)
maquillarse to put makeup on (oneself)
mirarse to look at oneself
peinarse to comb (for oneself)
pintarse to put on makeup {e.g., lipstick, eyeliner}
ponerse to put on (for oneself) {e.g., clothing}, to become {physical or emotional state}
preocuparse to be worried
probarse(ue) to try (out)
quebrarse to break, become broken
quedarse to stay, to remain (in a place)
quejarse (de) to complain (about)
quemarse to burn (oneself)
quitarse to take off (clothing)
romperse to break, become broken
secarse to dry (oneself) (off)
sentarse(ie) to sit down, to be seated (action) (ie)
sentirse(ie) to feel (personal physical or mental sensation) (e.g., me siento mal) (ie)
sorprenderse to become surprised
vestirse(ie) to get dressed
irse to go away, to get out of here
prepararse to get prepared, to prepare oneself
Created by: MrPoppele
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