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Verbs List - S3/S4

Verbs List - S4 Repaso

caer to fall
caerse to fall down
calzar to wear (footwear), to wear shoes
cambiar to change
caminar to walk
cantar to sing
casarse (con) to marry
celebrarse to celebrate, to be celebrated
cenar to have dinner
cepillar to brush (for someone else)
cepillarse to brush (for oneself)
cerrar to close (ie)
cocinar to cook
colgar to hang up (ue)
comenzar to start, to begin (ie)
comer to eat
comprar to buy, to purchase
comprender to understand
confeccionar to make (clothing, food), to prepare (food)
contestar to answer
correr to run
cortar to cut
costar to cost (ue)
dar to give
decidir to decide
decorar to decorate
dejar to leave (something somewhere)
desayunar to eat breakfast
desayunarse to eat breakfast
descargar to unload, to download
descolgar to pick up the phone (ue)
desear to wish, to want
desfilar to parade, to march
despegar to take off (airplane)
despertarse to wake up (ie)
devolver to return (something to someone), to give back
divertir to entertain (ie)
divertirse to have fun (ie)
doler to hurt, to ache (ue)
dormir to sleep (ue)
dormirse to go to sleep (ue)
dribilar to dribble (game ball)
ducharse to shower (oneself), to take a shower
elaborar to make, to prepare, to create (a product)
embarcar to board, to embark
empezar to start, to begin (ie)
encantar to be delightful, to be enchanting (frequently translated as to love)
encender to turn on, to switch on, to light or start (match, fire) (ie)
encestar to score/get a basket
encontrar to find (ue)
enfadar to anger, to irritate
enojar to anger, to irritate
enseñar to teach
entender to understand (ie)
enterrar to cover up, to bury (ie)
entrar (en) to enter
entrar en linea to get in line, to enter a line
enviar to send
escribir to write
escuchar to listen
esperar to wait; to hope
esquiar to ski
estar to be
estirarse to stretch (oneself)
estudiar to study
examinar to examine, to inspect, to check (something) out
facturar to check in (luggage)
faltar to be lacking (frequently translated as to need)
freír to fry (i)
ganar to win
golpear to hit, to punch
guardar to keep, to save, to put away, to guard
guardar cama to stay in bed
gustar to be pleasing (frequently translated as to like)
hablar to talk, speak
hacer to do, to make
hacer buen tiempo to be nice out (weather)
hacer calor to be hot out (weather)
hacer clic to click, to select
hacer cola to get in line
hacer frío to be cold out (weather)
hacer mal tiempo to be bad (weather) out
hacer sol to be sunny out
hacer un viaje to take a trip
hacer una maleta to pack a suitcase
hay there is, there are (infinitive: haber)
iluminar to light up
imprimir to print
insertar to insert, to put in
interesar to be interesting
introducir to introduce, to put (something) in (e.g., introducir una tarjeta en un parquímetro)
ir to go
irse to go away, to get out of here
jugar to play (ue)
lanzar to throw, to kick, to launch
lavar to wash (something or someone else)
lavarse to wash (oneself)
leer to read
levantar to lift or raise
levantarse to get up (to lift or raise oneself)
llamarse to call (oneself), to be named
llegar to arrive or reach (a place)
llevar to carry, to wear
mantener to maintain
mantenerse to maintain (oneself), to keep oneself (e.g.,: mantenerse en forma)
maquillar to put makeup on someone else
maquillarse to put makeup on oneself
marcar to score (point)
meter to put (something) in (e.g., meter una tarjeta en un parquímetro)
mirar to look (at), to watch
mirarse to look at oneself, to watch oneself
molestar to be bothersome, to be annoying
montar to assemble, to put together, to put or set up (e.g., a tent)
montar a caballo to ride a horse
montar bicicleta to ride a bicycle
morir to die (ue)
mostrar to show (ue)
nadar to swim
navegar to navigate; to sail
necesitar to need
oír to hear
oprimir to press (button); to oppress
pagar to pay (money)
pasar to pass
pasar por to pass through, to go through
pasar por encima to pass over, to go over
pasar tiempo to pass time
pasarlo bien (mal) to have a good (bad) time
patinar sobre hielo to go ice skating
pedir to ask for, to request (i)
peinar to comb (for someone else)
peinarse to comb (for oneself)
pensar to think (ie)
perder to lose; to miss (something you are trying to catch) (ie)
picar to bite, to nibble; to sting
poder to be able to (frequently translated as can) (ue)
poner to put
ponerse to put on (e.g., clothing)
practicar la plancha de vela to go windsurfing, to go sailboarding
preferir to prefer (ie)
prender to turn on, to switch on, to light or start (match, fire) (ie); to fasten
preocupar to worry (someone else)
preocuparse to be worried
preparar to prepare
prepararse to get prepared
prestar to lend
prestar atención to pay attention
proteger to protect
pulsar to press (button)
quedar to remain, to have left
quedarse to stay, to remain (in a place)
querer to want (ie)
quitarse to take off (clothing)
rebajar to reduce, to discount
recetar to prescribe (medicine)
recibir to receive, to get
recordar to remember, to recall (ue)
regatear to bargain (for a better price)
regresar to return (to a place)
rentar to rent, to lease
repetir to repeat (i)
revisar to review (e.g., an assignment), to look over
sacar to take (something) out (e.g., saco el libro de la mochila)
salir (de) to leave (a place), to go away
secarse to dry oneself, to dry off
seguir to follow, to continue
seleccionar to select, to choose
sentarse to sit down, to be seated (action) (ie)
sentir to feel (perceive something through the senses) (ie)
sentirse to feel (personal physical or mental sensation) (e.g., me siento mal) (ie)
ser to be
servir to serve, to wait on
sonar to ring, to (make a) sound (ue)
subir to go up, to ascend; to get on (train, bus, etc.)
tener to have
tener hambre to be hungry (ie)
tener miedo to be scared or afraid of (ie)
tener prisa to be in a hurry
tener sed to be thirsty
tener x años to be x years old
terminar to finish, to get done, to complete
textear to text
tirar to throw, to kick
tocar to touch; to play (an instrument)
tomar to take; to have (food or drink)
toser to cough
trabajar to work
traer to bring, to bring along
transbordar to transfer, to change (e.g., planes)
usar to use
vender to sell
venir to come (ie)
ver to see
vestir to dress (someone else)
vestirse to get dressed, to dress oneself
visitar to visit
vivir to live
volar to fly (ue)
volver to return (to a place) (ue)
abordar to board, get on board
abrir to open
abrochar to button, to fasten (e.g., seatbelt)
aburrir to bore, to be boring
acostarse to lay down, to go to bed
afeitarse to shave, to shave off
almorzar to have lunch, to eat lunch
alquilar to rent, rent out
andar to walk, to walk around
apagar to switch off
aplaudir to  applaud, to welcome
aprender to learn
armar to arm, to assemble
asignar to assign
asisitir a to attend
aterrizar to land
atrapar to catch, to capture
bailar to dance
bajar to go down, to descend, to download, to get off of a bus, to get out of a taxi
bañarse to bathe
batear to bat
beber to drink
bloquear to block
borrar to erase
buscar to find/look for
Created by: MrPoppele
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