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Vocabulary Unit 3a

Vocabulary from "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" Read Aloud & Novel Study

probation (noun) a period of time for testing a person's ability, character, or behavior
vaporize (verb) to cause to become or diffuse as a vapor or gas; atomize; evaporate
hallucination (noun) a false or distorted but compelling sensory perception
solstice (noun) either of the two times in the year when the sun is furthest from the celestial equator, occurring in June and December
reek (verb) to emit or be permeated by a strong, disagreeable odor
lumber (noun) to move in a heavy, clumsy way
holographic (adjective) the technique or process of producing holograms (a three-dimensional photograph produced by a laser beam reflected off an object on film); seeing an image that's not really there
disintegrate (verb) to come apart; break down into parts of pieces
glint (noun) a brief flash or flicker of reflected light
intimidate (verb) to cause to become timid or afraid, esp. by means of threat
pursue (adjective) to spend time doing; work at; practice
impulsive (adjective) acting without thinking or planning
summon (verb) to call to appear for a particular purpose
mar (noun) to damage or spoil, esp. on the surface or face, but not severely
hilt (noun) the handle of a sword of knife
alliance (noun) a group of people, countries, or groups that share certain goals and agree to work together
feign (verb) to pretend or fake; put on a false show of
cower (verb) to crouch or cringe in fear
hyperventilating (verb) to breath more heavily and faster than normal
obscure (verb) to dim or conceal
falter (verb) to hesitate because of being confused or not sure
groggy (adjective) confused, dizzy, or sleepy
nostalgic (adjective) a longing for the past
chasm (noun) a deep crack in the earth's surface
churn (adjective) to more or stir with great force
tentative (adjective) not yet fully developed or definitely decided; provisional
silt (noun) fine particles of earth, clay, or sand that eventually settle out of water
descend (verb) to move downward or to a lower partition
defunct (adjective) no longer in existence or use; dead; extinct
barricade (noun) a structure that is put up quickly for protection or to block the way
metamorphosis (noun) the changes in form of some living things as they grow
replica (noun) a duplication or copy, esp. one smaller than the original
realm (noun) a royal kingdom
fugitive (noun) a person who is escaping or running away
podium (noun) a raised platform, as for a speaker or orchestra conductor; dais
disembark (verb) to put or go ashore from a ship
levitate (verb) to rise and float, apparently without hindrance from the force of gravity
ultimatum (noun) a final statement of demands, esp. when issued with a threat of action if rejected, as in a diplomatic discussion
morph (verb) change smoothly from one image to another
spectators (noun) one that watches or observes
rupture (verb) to break or tear open
banish (verb) to force out or away
unanimous (adjective) in complete agreement
bide (verb) to stay or remain; to bide one's time means to wait for an opportunity
Created by: ecperkins
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