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WW 5th - Lesson 11

Accelerate Verb, to go or to cause to go faster / to bring about at an earlier time
Altitude Noun, Height above sea level or the earth's surface
Anxious Adjective, Worried, concerned / eager, wishing strongly
Anxiety Noun, great uneasiness or concern
Brace Noun, something used to support a weak part / Verb, to make stronger, to made ready for a shock
Bracing Adjective, giving energy to; refreshing
Confident Adjective, certain, sure / trust in another to keep a secret
Confidence Noun, a lack of doubt , a feeling of being certain
Contact Noun, the touching or joining of two things / Verb, to communicate with
Exult Verb, to be joyful; to show great happiness
Exultant Adjective, very happy
Hangar Noun, a building where aircraft are kept and repaired
Maximum Noun AND Adjective, being or the greatest or highest number or amount
Methodical Adjective, done in a regular, orderly way
Nonchalant Adjective, having the appearance of not caring; seeming to show a lack of concern
Proceed Verb, to go on, especially after stopping for a while, to continue
Saunter Verb, to walk without hurrying; to stroll in a relaxes, unhurried manner
Solo Noun, a musical piece for one voice or single instrument / Adjective, made or done by one person
Stall Noun, a place for an animal in a barn, a small stand where things are sold / Verb, to suddenly lose power, to delay
Created by: bordenbrood
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