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esp 4- celebres

unidad 4 celebres- without accents- ten cuidado

La actuacion performance
actuar to act
el/la aficionado/a fan
bailable danceable
La cadena network
la carrera career
competir to compete
competitivo competitive
conseguir to get, obtain
emocionante touching or thrilling
enfrentar to face
entiendeme bien Let me be clear
entrar a/en to enter
entretener to entertain
el espectaculo show
la estrella star
excitante exciting, arousing
el guion script
innovador/a innovative
innovar to innovate
interpretar to interpret (a role, a song)
mal informado misinformed
el mundo del espectaculo show business
la pantalla screen
el papel role
el personaje character
rechazar to reject
el rechazo rejection
el reportaje report
sin embargo nevertheless
la temporada season
la trama storyline
el actor (la actriz) de reparto supporting actor
aplaudir to applaud
el camerino dressing room
la cartelera billboard, entertainment listing
componer to compose
el conjunto band, ensemble
donar to donate
ensayar to rehearse
estrenar to premiere
la gira tour
grabar to record
hacer un papel play a role
lento/a slow
el/la locutor/a (radio/tv) announcer
lucir bien/mal to look good (appearance in context of clothing)
movido/a lively
ojala (que) I hop wish
parecer (se a) to seem (look like)
el premio prize; award
quiza(s) perhaps/ maybe
la resena review, (of a show or a book)
el sencillo single (record)
tal vez perhaps/ maybe
tocar to play an instrument/ to touch/ to knock
la voz the voice
Created by: Mary Hurt
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