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Vocabulary Chapter 3


abolish To do away with or put an end to
accumulate to pile up or collect
circulation going around or sending around
conclude -to end -to make decisions or opinions by reasoning
harmonize -to add tones to a melody to create chords -to play or sing to a tuneful sound
inflammable -easily set on fire -easily excited or angered
nourish -to help grow, or keep alive and well, with food -to maintain
prediction something told beforehand
satelite -a celestial body that revolves around a planet -a moon
traitor -a person who betrays a trust, a duty, or a friend -one who commits treason
adequate enough; sufficient
astonish to surprise greatly, amaze
circumference the distance around a circle or sphere
conjunction -a joining of something with another -union -combination
hoarse -rough and deep sounding -having a harsh voice
influence -the act or power of producing an effect without great force
novel -of a new kind -often long, usually complex fictional story
preserve -to keep safe from harm or change -to protect or maintain
scandal -conduct that brings disgrace or shocks the public -loss of or damage to reputation
treaty -a written, formal agreement between countries -the document that contains the agreement
antiquated -out of date -out of style
compile -to collect and bring together -to build up gradually
deficient -lacking a needed element or quality
dependent -trusting or relying on another -one who relies on another for support
saturate -to fill completely -to soak
Created by: nataliedekowzan
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