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LGS friendship

LGS vocabulary 2019 2020

(to) accept (v) to say ‘‘Yes’’ to an offer or invitation Exp: If you accept the invitation, you can ask for more information about the event.
adventurous (adj) willing to take risks and try new ideas Exp: Sam is an adventurous man who can take risks easily. His favourite summer activities are rock climbing and bungee jumping.
aggressive (adj) angry Exp: John is such an aggressive person that he gets angry easily.
alone (adj) without any other people Exp: Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
amusement park (n) a large park which has a lot of things that you can ride and play on and many different activities to enjoy Exp: We are going to the amusement park on Sunday in Bostancı.
amusing (adj) funny and enjoyable Exp: You know team sports are always more amusing than individual sports. We have lots of fun and we laugh a lot.
(to) apologize (v) to say that you are sorry for doing something wrong Exp: If you refuse the invitation, apologize and give an excuse.
(to) argue (v) to speak angrily to somebody because you disagree with them Exp: We sometimes argue, but I usually get on well with her.
arrogant (adj) behaving in a proud, unpleasant way Exp: I watched the interview and thought she seemed quite arrogant because she thinks that she is better than anyone else.
assignment (n) a task or piece of work that is given to someone as part of a job or course of study Exp: We have lots of assignments to do, so I have to study a lot all the time.
(to) attach importance (v) to show that somebody or something is valuable Exp: My best friend and I attach importance to each other. Therefore, I always depend on her and she always counts on me.
(to) attract (v) to pull or draw someone or something towards them, by qualities they have especially good ones Exp: Tuna's style attracts many teenagers’ attention.
attractive (adj) pleasing or appealing to the senses Exp: Hotels are more attractive than bed and breakfasts.
awesome (adj) extremely impressive. Exp: A: Shall we eat out tonight? B: Sure, it sounds awesome.
(to) back up (v) to support someone Exp: You can trust your real friends because they always back you up.
bad-tempered (adj) in an angry mood Exp: She's very bad-tempered in the mornings!
beverage (n) any type of drink except water Exp: Hardaliye, a mixture of mustard and hot almond with grape juice, is a delicious beverage of the city.
book fair (n) a periodic gathering for the sale of books Exp: Suppose that you get an invitation card of a book fair.
bowling alley (n) a building in which you can go bowling or a long, narrow track along which balls are rolled in the games of bowling Exp: There is a new bowling alley in the town. Let’s go there and play bowling.
buddy/ mate (n) a friend / close friend Exp: My old college buddy is my only true friend. I trust him very much.
(to) call on (v) to ask someone to do something; to need or request Exp: She is always there for me whenever I call on her.
calm (adj) not showing or feeling nervousness, anger or other strong emotions Exp: Stella is always calm.
caring (adj) kind and helpful Exp: I need caring people around me.
(to) celebrate (v) to show that a day or an event is important by doing something special on it Exp: We celebrate our friends’ birthdays at a nice place every year.
(to) chit-chat (v) to talk about matters which have little value or importance Exp: Would you like to drink something and chit-chat at a cafe?
choice (n) an act of choosing between two or more possibilities Exp: Choose the correct choice.
(to) come over (v) to come to a place, especially somebody’s house, to visit for a short time Exp: Say goodbye and invite her to come over again.
Cool! (excl.) excellent, very good Exp: A: What about going a rock concert tonight? B: Cool!
cool (adj) attractive, interesting, fashionable Exp: Honestly, positively, school is cool.
customer (n) a person or an organization that buys something from a shop/store or business Exp: Imagine that you are a waiter at a restaurant and your friends are customers.
daily matters (n) subjects or situations under consideration which are occurring everyday Exp: It is informal conversation about daily matters.
date (n) a particular day of the month, sometimes in a particular year, given in numbers and words Exp: A: What is the date today? B: It’s August 27.
deadline (n) a time or day by which something must be done Exp: A: What’s the deadline for joining the event? B: Please, inform me until Friday the latest.
deal (n) an agreement entered into by two or more people Exp: I’ll make you a deal. You don’t hit me and I won’t hit you.
(to) depend on /count on (v) to rely on somebody/something and trust them Exp: Leila is my best friend, and I can always depend on / count on her.
dessert (n) sweet food eaten at the end of a meal Exp: Would you like to have a dessert?
determined (adj) to have a firm decision to something Exp: She will get the job she wants - she's a very determined person.
(to) eat out (v) to eat in a restaurant or at a café Exp: Would you like to eat out?
encouragement (n) the action of giving someone support, confidence or hope Exp: You always give encouragement to people.
enemy (n) a person who is actively opposed to someone or something Exp: You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks.
event (n) a thing that happens, especially something important; an occasion Exp: Decide on an event and invite your partner to do it together.
excellent (adj) extremely good Exp: It is an excellent comedy movie.
excuse (n) a reason, either true or invented, that you give to Explain or defend your behaviour Exp: A: What’s her excuse for refusing the invitation? B: She said that she would visit her grandparents.
exhibition (n) a public display/show of works of art or items of interest, held in a gallery or museum Exp: You get an invitation of an art exhibition.
(to) expect (v) to think or believe that something will happen or that somebody will do something Exp: We are Expecting all of you to join our event.
(to) explain (v) to tell someone something in a way that helps them understand it better Exp: Could you please Explain why you refuse an invitation?
explanation (n) a statement or account that makes something clear Exp: Match the words with their Explanations.
family tie (n) strong family relations / connections1.     Exp: Both have strong family ties and a spiritual sense of life.
faultless (adj) free from defect, error, or mistake Exp: If you are looking for a friend who is faultless, you will be friendless.
fee (n) an amount of money that you pay for professional advice or services Exp: A: How much is the fee for attending the event? B: 10$.
generous (adj) giving or willing to give freely Exp: The woman is very generous. She likes sharing with other people.
(to) get on well with somebody (v) to have a friendly relationship with somebody Exp: We sometimes argue, but I usually get on well with her.
(to) have things in common (v) to have the same interests, ideas, etc. as somebody else Exp: I didn’t think Larry and Patricia had anything in common, but they talked all evening.
honest (adj) always telling the truth, and never stealing or cheating Exp: Bill and I are always honest with each other.
hometown (n) the town of one’s birth Exp: What is your hometown?
however (adv) but; nevertheless Exp: Friends sometimes argue. However, they often get on well with each other.
(to) inform (v) to tell somebody about something, especially in an official way Exp: If you’d like to attend our event, inform us until June 3.
in advance (adv) ahead in time, before Exp: If you're going to come, please let me know in advance.
in manner (adv) the way you behave; in the style of something Exp: He is very relaxed in manner.
instruction (n) a statement or Explanation of something that must be done often given by someone Exp: Make a role play according to the instructions in the cards.
instrument (n) a tool or a device for one precision work Exp: Who likes playing an instrument?
invitation (n) a written or spoken request asking someone to spend time with you socially Exp: Thanks for the invitation.
invitee (n) a person who has been invited to go somewhere or to do something Exp: Write the names of invitees.
(to) invite (v) to ask someone to come to see you or to spend time with you socially Exp: Suppose that one of your friends invites you to do an activity.
item (n) something that is part of a list or group of things Exp: Prepare a visual dictionary by including new vocabulary items from this unit.feeling angry or unhappy because somebody you like or love is showing interest in somebody else
jealous (adj) feeling angry or unhappy because somebody you like or love is showing interest in somebody else Exp: He had always been very jealous of his brother's good looks.
(to) join / attend (v) to take part in something that somebody else is doing Exp: Can our parents join / attend the event?
laid-back (adj) relaxed in manner and character; not usually worried about things Exp: Stella is a laid-back girl, she never minds others.
(to) lie (v) to say that something you have just said is not true or correct Exp: We never lie, and we are very close.
(to) lead (v) to be in charge of or command of Exp: Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.
lentil (soup) (n) a high-protein pulse which is dried and then soaked and cooked prior to eating Exp: Well, I’d like lentil soup first.
local (adj) belonging to or connected with the particular place or area Exp: It’s a local music band, but they want to be famous internationally.
location (n) a place where something happens or exists Exp: Because of their location, these offices attract a premium.
(to) look for (v) to attempt to find; to search for Exp: If you want to touch the living history, youdon't need to look for any other places.
loyal (adj) remaining faithful to somebody/something Exp: Jack has been a loyal worker in this company for almost 50 years.
main course (n) the most substantial course of a meal Exp: What would you like to have for a main course?
mean (adj) not generous·        Exp: He's too mean to buy any new clothes.
meatball (n) a ball of minced or chopped meat Exp: I like eating spaghetti and meatballs.
(to) meet up with somebody (v) to gather; to see or talk to somebody after making an arrangement to do something together Exp: It’s so nice to meet up with our friends.
memory (n) the ability to remember information, Experiences and people Exp: She has an excellent memory for names.
(to) mind (v) to be careful of; or to give attention to something Exp: Stella never minds others.
(to) offer (v) to present something for someone to accept or reject as desired Exp: You may offer to do something fun at home.
opportunity (n) a chance Exp: Everyone will have an opportunity to comment during the meeting.
(to) order (v) to ask for something to be made or delivered especially in a restaurant Exp: Look at the menu above and order your dishes and drinks.
(to) organize (v) to make arrangements for something to happen Exp: Every summer, our school organizes a teenage camp in Adrasan in Antalya.
personal traits (n) a distinguishing quality or characteristic Exp: A: What are the personal traits of a good and a bad friend to you? B: A good friend should be honest and reliable for me.
phrase (n) a small group of words standing together as a conceptual unit Exp: Circle the correct phrases.
primary school (n) a school for children between the ages of about five and eleven1.     Exp: English is being taught in primary schools in South Korea and Taiwan.
(to) pick somebody up (v) to get or bring someone from somewhere Exp: We can pick you up from your house if it is OK for you?
previous (adj) existing or occurring before in time or order Exp: Use the vocabulary in the previous parts to help you.
quotation / quote (n) a group of words taken from a speech or a text and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker Exp: “To be or not to be” is a famous quotation by Shakespeare.
receiver (n) a person who gets or accepts something that has been sent or given to them Exp: I couldn’t find the receiver of the box because her name wasn’t written on it.
(to) refuse (v) to say you will not do something that someone has asked you to do Exp: You may accept or refuse the invitation.
regularly (adv) on a habitual basis, usually, at repeated times Exp: He does his homework regularly.
response (n) an answer or reaction Exp: Match the invitations with the responses.
relationship (n) the way in which two or more people or things are connected Exp: Her relationship isn't good with her father, but she's very close to her mother.
reunion (n) / a social event for two or more people coming together again after a period of separation / to come together again after a period of separation
to reunite (v) Exp: First, thank you for organizing the class reunion.
relaxing (adj) reducing tension or anxiety Exp: I like having a picnic with my family. It’s very relaxing.
science fair (n) a competition in which students at a school compete to present the best science project Exp: Her friends go to science fairs.
Science fiction (sci-fi) (n) fiction based on imagined future frequently based on space or time travel Exp: There is a great science fiction (sci-fi) movie tomorrow afternoon.
sculpture (n) The art of making two-or three-dimensional representative forms Exp: Art is the activity of painting, drawing, and making sculpture.
secret (n) a piece of information that is only known by one person or a few people, hidden knowledge Exp: Secret means hidden knowledge.
self-centered (adj) preoccupied with oneself and one's affairs Exp: Angela is a good woman who is also, at times self-centered. She only thinks about herself and she doesn’t care about others.
similar (adj) having a resemblance in appearance, character, or quantity Exp: We have a lot of similar interests.
sender (n) a person who sends or transmits a message, letter, email. etc. Exp: Who is the sender of the invitation?
(to) share (v) to have or use something at the same time with someone else Exp: We share all our secrets.
sincerely (adv) in a genuine way; used to end a formal letter that is sent to a particular person Exp: Dear Jess, …..See you later. Sincerely, Brad
slumber party (n) a party for teenagers, typically girls, in which all the guests stay the night at the house where the party is held Exp: A slumber party sounds fun, but I must ask my parents first.
sneaky (adj) doing things in a secret and unfair way Exp: I hate sneaky people.
space (n) a continuous area or Expanse which is free or available Exp: There are two people sharing a space or involving in the same activity.
stubborn (adj) determined not to change your mind even when people think you are being unreasonable Exp: They have huge arguments because they're both so stubborn. They don’t change their minds easily.
supportive (adj) providing encouragement or emotional help Exp: I think an ideal friend should be truthful and supportive.
(to) suppose (v) to think or assume that something is true or probable Exp: Suppose that you get an invitation card of a book fair.
stuffed (adj) not hungry; full Exp: No, thanks. I’m stuffed.
tactful (adj) having or showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with others Exp: I need tactful people who don’t upset me.
(to) take order (v) to accept the request for food or drink in a restaurant Exp: May I take your order?
(to) take place (v) to happen Exp: Where is the rock festival going to take place?
thriller (n) a novel, play, or film with an exciting story or plot Exp: Let’s watch a thriller and get excited.
tournament (n) a series of contests between a number of competitors Exp: The sport club is organizing a bowling tournament on Friday.
traditional (adj) following or belonging to the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time without changing Exp: We are organizing our 12th traditional school picnic.
tram station (n) a station for passenger vehicle powered by electricity conveyed by overhead cables, and running on rails laid in a public road Exp: Shall we meet at the tram station?
trouble (n) difficulty or problems Exp: Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.
truthful (adj) honest Exp: I think an ideal friend should be truthful and supportive.
understanding (adj) sympathetic; caring and kind about other people’s problems Exp: She's very understanding - you feel you can really open your heart to her.
unreliable (adj) not able to be trusted or depended on Exp: The bus service is unreliable because the timetable is not certain.
until (adv) up to (the point in time or the event mentioned) Exp: You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks.
vacation (n) a fixed holiday period between terms in universities and law courts Exp: I’d love to see all my old friends, but we are going on vacation on April 30.
visual (adj / noun) relating to seeing or sight / picture Exp: Keep Expanding your visual dictionary by including new vocabulary items from this unit. Exp: Look at the visuals below.
What a pity! a cause for regret or disappointment Exp: A: Would you like to eat out tonight?B: I’d love to but I can’t. I have another plan for tonight.C: What a pity! Maybe next time.
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