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MCW: Med Span

Cognate Verbs

to absorb absorber
to accept aceptar
to adjust ajustar
to alter alterar
to amputate amputar
to analyze analizar
to authorize autorizar
to balance balancear
to calm calmar
to cause causar
to circulate circular
to coagulate coagular
to communicate communicar
to concentrate concentar
to consider considerar
to consist (of) consistir (en)
to consult consultar
to contaminate contaminar
to contain contener
to control controlar
to converse conversar
to convert convertir
to cost costar
to cure curar
to cut cortar
to debilitate debilitar
to decide decidir
to declare declarar
to depend (on) depender (de)
to describe describir
to discover descubrir
to disinfect desinfectar
to destroy destruir
to determine determinar
to diagnose diagnosticar
to dilate dilatar
to discuss discutir
to dissolve disolver
to distribute distribuir
to divide dividir
to eliminate eliminar
to evacuate evacuar
to evaluate evaluar
to examine examinar
to exist existir
to explore explorar
to facilitate facilitar
to form formar
to fracture fracturar
to function funcionar
to include incluir
to indicate indicar
to infect infectar
to inform informar
to immunize inmunizar
to inoculate inocular
to inspect inspeccionar
to interpret interpretar
to maintain mantener
to note notar
to observe observar
to obstruct obstuir
to occur ocurrir
to operate (on) operar
to penetrate penetrar
to permit permitir
to practice practicar
to prepare preparar
to prevent prevenir
to proceed proceder
to progress progresar
to prohibit prohibir
to prolong prolongar
to protect proteger
to propose proponer
to purify purificar
to recommend recomendar
to recognize reconocer
to recuperate recuperar
to reduce reducir
to refer referir
to relate relatar
to remedy remediar
to renovate renovar
to repair reparar
to repeat repetir
to resolve resolver
to respect respetar
to restore restaurar
to resuscitate resucitar
to result resultar
to resume resumir
to select seleccionar
to separate separar
to sterilize esterilizar
to suffer sufrir
to transmit transmitir
to ulcerate ulcerar
to urinate orinar
to use usar
to utilize utilizar
to ventilate ventilar
to visit visitar
to vomit vomitar
Created by: Flamboe
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