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Adv Grammar Vocab7

Lesson 7 Vocabulary - Social Sciences

aberrant (adj) deviating from what is normal or typical
anthropomorphism (n) attributing human shape to gods, objects, animals
archetype (n) model; original pattern; prototype
authoritarian (adj) favoring or enforcing unquestioning obedience to authority (n) one who favors or enforces unquestioning obedience to authority
catharsis (n) the relieving of the emotions by art; the alleviation of fears by bringing them to consciousness
demography (n the science of vital statistics, as of births, deaths, populations, etc.
epidemiology (n) the branch of medicine that investigates the cause and controls of epidemics
euthanasia (n) method of causing death painlessly; mercy killing.
extrovert (n) a person who is active and expressive; a person who is outgoing
psychic (n/adj) of the psyche or mind; beyond natural or known physical processes
psychopath (n) a person afflicted with a mental disorder; often marked by antisocial, egocentric personality, a lack of remorse for one's actions, and criminal tendencies
psychotherapy (n) using forms of mental treatment to cure nervous disorders
schizophrenia (n) a mental disorder characterized by delusions of persecution and omnipotence
subliminal (adj) below the threshold of apprehensions; subconscious
trauma (n) an emotional experience that has a lasting psychic effect
introvert (n) a shy, reticent person; opposite to extrovert
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