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conectors,congugate ser & gustar

pero but
entonces so
tambien also
durante during
en in
y and
ademas besides,furthermore,in addition,as well as
porque because
tampoco neither,not either
what does ser mean to be
yo I
tu you
el he
ella she
nosotros we
vosotros you all
what comes after YO soy
what comes after Tu eres
what comes after El es
what comes after ELLA es
what comes after NOSOTROS somos
what comes after VOSOTROS sois
what comes after USTEDES son
what comes after ELLOS son
what comes after ELLAS son
what does USTEDES SON mean you all are
what does ELLOS SON mean they are (masculine)
what does ELLAS SON mean they are (feminine)
what does NOSOTROS SOMOS mean we are
what does VOSOTROS SOIS mean you all are
gustar: YO A MI me gusta
gustar: TU A TI te gusta
gustar: EL/ELLA/USTED LE gusta
gustar: NOSOTROS NOS gusta
gustar: vosotros OS gusta
ir de compras to go shopping
comer to eat
limpiar to clean
estudiar to study
flojo lazy
ordenado organized
what does this sentences say A TI TE GUSTA CANTAR PORQUE TU ERES MUY TALENTOSA do you like to sing because you are very talented
Clima climate/weather
Hace frío it 's cold
Hace calor its hot
Hace sol its sunny
Hace viento its windy
Llueve raining
Nieva snowing
Está nubalo its cloudy
Primavera spring
Verano summer
Otoño fall
Invierno winter
Hace mal clima the weathers bad
Hace buen clima the weathers good
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